weekend tarot guidance 1-2 june

Weekend Tarot Guidance 1-2 June

weekend tarot guidance 1-2 june

Weekend Tarot guidance by Lisa Frideborg and her Dragon Guardian, Sasariel, with the Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle.

A Great Weekend for Breaking the Chains of Indecision

Cards drawn: Refusing to See + Heal + Solar Plexus Chakra

If you have been sitting on the fence about an issue or felt as if you are in limbo about what path to take next, you have a chance to finally break from from your indecision this weekend.

This is a long-standing issue that relates to your power centre, the solar plexus chakra. It could date as far back as to when you were a tween and it has created a blockage that has kept you feeling less capable or worthy than you truly are.

It is time to reclaim your power now. Trust your gut instinct and cultivate your vision. The world needs you to act on it, so break those chains of indecision and claim that beautiful destiny that awaits you. 

The key to breaking the chains of indecision is to expand your awareness:

In an expanded state of awareness, you perceive beyond the limitations of your body and mind and feel that you are part of the vast universe around you, connected to All That Is.

– Deborah King

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Blessed Be!

Love & Light,


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