cat medicine

Cat Medicine

cat medicine

Did you know that cats are symbolic of intuition and our own intuitive nature? That’s not all cats are (not wishing to offend any cats reading this), of course, but it’s not a coincidence that one of the main familiars of cunning folk through the ages has been the cat.

Cats are good at sensing energy currents and quite often like to sleep right on top of them. Humans who unsuspectingly do the same, usually find that it has an adverse effect on their sleep, whereas cats seem to be able to draw on the extra energy in a positive way.

Last week, I shared my Burning Black Cat Dream. This was actually not the first highly significant dream involving a cat that I’ve had in 2020.

Moggy Dies

Moggy, our tuxedo stray, had been with us since 2008. Nobody knows exactly how old he was when he adopted us but we think he might have been around five then, which would have put him around 17 this year.

Unsurprisingly, his health had started deteriorating earlier in the year. He became slightly incontinent and started losing weight. Other than that, he carried on as normal. Perhaps he slept a little more than usual as well.

In our minds, we were starting to prepare ourselves for the inevitable ending that would soon arrive. However, logically that simply isn’t possible. We aren’t wired that way. Unlike cats.

Cats do not fear death and know instinctively when people are about to leave the Earth plane. They seem drawn to the deathbed of the dying person to bring them comfort. Cats in care homes do this regularly, apparently.

The Dream

The very night before Moggy died, I had a dream that he was on our bed when he suddenly had a seizure, let go of his bladder and died. Needless to say, I was heartbroken when I woke off but told myself ‘it was just a dream.’ Moggy was still alive and had breakfast as usual. Phew!

After breakfast, Moggy curled up under the desk where I work and fell asleep. After a while, he started shaking violently, just like in the dream. It did indeed turn out to be a seizure (his first and last). It lasted a few minutes, gradually dying down. And just like in the dream, he let go of his bladder.

Moggy never fully recovered and on the vet’s recommendation, we put him to sleep.

Am I Awake Or Am I Dreaming?

The dream about Moggy’s death had been so real, vivid and incredibly relevant that it shook me to the core. It carried with it a reawakening to my own intuition and ability to receive messages from the Divine. I had shut down my intuitive ability almost completely after my metanoia moment in April.

Moggy saved me from myself, from a weird sort of living suicide.

For some reason, I had allowed old Evangelical programming and brainwashing about the evils of anything metaphysical or psychic to creep back in. As I think about the why of it all, it is now starting to look more and more like some kind of meltdown, triggered by current events in combination with lingering cognitive dissonance.

This all just happened to coincide with both my Chiron return and my natal Sun conjunct Saturn and Pluto (exact on my birthday) this year. Hmmmm…

Thank God for Cat Medicine

I believe that I was actually more alive in dreamtime than in my waking consciousness because of this. It was as if my intuitive faculties started working overtime when they finally got a chance.

My dream about Moggy dying started the process of me opening up again. Realising that there was cognitive dissonance that had to be cleared, I prayerfully did that work, which gradually helped me release any and all fears of my metaphysical nature.

Chiron Returns

My Chiron is in Aries in the 11th House. This was always going to be a public affair about my personal self’s inability to feel that I have a right to even exist, never mind the right to express myself.

Needless to say, I’m still a work in progress but I have located my roots and begun to nourish them.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is currently doing its final pass over my Natal Sun (exact today) and hopefully, this time I will not have to resit my exam. This is taking place in my 8th House, not to add insult to injury but as an initiation. Come to think of it, most of 2020 has felt like an initiation. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in feeling this.

I hope you’re okay. And if you’re not, that’s okay too. I’ve not been okay for a lot of this year. There have also been some amazing moments, along with a total reboot. The me of a year ago would barely recognise the me of today.

All glory be to God.