an integrative emotional self-healing session

Integrative Emotional Healing Session for Yourself

integrative emotional healing session for self-healing

If you are a healer or just interested in personal growth and development, you have no doubt already done a lot of emotional healing work on yourself. But have you tried combining different healing modalities in one self-healing session?

In today’s, post we look at how to do an integrative emotional healing session for yourself. This emotional self-healing session uses Tarot and Chakra meditation with essential oil and Reiki (if you are attuned) or crystal healing. You can also call on assistance from the Angelic Realm if you work with angels.

This is an incredibly powerful way to create an emotional release, clear any blockages and rebalance your energy. It can also be a great way to integrate energy from a new healing modality over the period of seven days, working your way through each of the chakras.

Alternatively, you can work with one specific Chakra/issue over a period of several days. Though you may find that one session is enough if you are already aware of the root cause of your issue. That doesn’t mean you won’t ever need to work on healing that chakra again. It simply means that you resolved the issue and cleared the current energy block.

I highly recommend doing 5 minutes of Gassho before you start the self-healing process described below.

Chakra Archetypes - Guide for emotional healing

Emotional Healing for Yourself Step 1

First, choose the chakra you want to work with. Above is a guide for the archetypes you are working with at each chakra level. And below is a brief guide if you are not sure which chakra relates to your main issue or problem. I have included the corresponding crystals should you wish to use them for the energy-healing element of this self-healing session.

Root Chakra (Red Jasper) – Not feeling rooted and supported, lacking trust, financial problems, anger issues, greed

Sacral Chakra (Orange calcite/carnelian) – Not being able to enjoy life, controlling/toxic/manipulative relationship patterns, blocked creativity, shame, body image issues

Solar Plexus Chakra (Citrine) – Lack of perseverance, no willpower, lack of boundaries, people-pleasing, copying others, saying yes when you mean no, rigidity

Heart Chakra (Green aventurine) – Not feeling loved, grief, isolation, conditional love, general emotional imbalance, lack of forgiveness, not accepting oneself or others

Throat Chakra (Turquoise) – Inability to express your truth, lack of charisma and personal magnetism, not listening to others, talking instead of listening, not hearing your inner muse

Third Eye (Sodalite/lapis lazuli) – Lack of wisdom, not trusting your intuition, delusions, easily deceived by charlatans, inability to maintain a clear mental focus, seeing only problems and not opportunities

Crown Chakra (Amethyst/clear quartz) – Egotism, materialism, lack of connection to the Divine, totally divorced from reality and away with the fairies, close-mindedness, boredom

Step 2 Pick Your Oil

Choose which oil to use in a diffuser while you meditate and do energy healing on yourself. Lavender balances all chakras and can be used as a substitute in the same way a white candle substitutes other colours in candle magic.

Root Chakra Oils – Vetiver, patchouli, red spikenard

Sacral Chakra Oils – Helichrysum, sweet orange, tangerine, jasmine

Solar Plexus Chakra Oils – Black pepper, lemongrass, sandalwood, cedarwood

Heart Chakra Oils – Rose, pine (for releasing old/karmic wounds), geranium

Throat Chakra Oils – Blue chamomile, peppermint, frankincense

Third Eye – Rosemary, clary sage, cypress

Crown Chakra – White lotus flower, lavender, myrrh, neroli

If you know how to apply these oils safely and in diluted form, feel free to use them directly on the skin instead. It can be even more effective. Please check the contraindications for any of these oils that you plan on using.

Set your diffuser away or apply your chosen oil to the skin.

Bonus tip: Put on some nice, soft music in the background

Step 3 Pick Your Tarot Card (and Angelic Helper)

Grab your tarot deck and journal + a pen. Choose one of the following cards for the chakra you will work on.

Root Chakra The World (Cassiel/Tzaphkiel), ruler of Saturn)

Sacral ChakraThe High Priestess (Gabriel, ruler of the Moon)

Solar PlexusThe Tower (Camael/Chamuel, ruler of Mars)

Heart Chakra The Empress (Anael/Haniel, ruler of Venus)

Throat ChakraThe Magician (Raphael, ruler of Mercury)

Third Eye ChakraThe Wheel of Fortune (Sachiel/Zadkiel, ruler of Jupiter)

Find somewhere comfortable to sit and place the card before you where it is clearly visible.

Step 4 The Emotional Healing Session

Begin by looking at your chosen Tarot card, symbolising the chakra and chakra issue that you are working on. Notice anything about the symbolism that speaks to you and/or addresses your issue. How is the symbolism of the card relevant? What does the imagery bring up for you emotionally?

Optional: If negative emotions arise and you feel unsettled, you may wish to do a few rounds of tapping before you continue. However, this assumes you already know how to tap.

Set the Intention

Next, make some notes in your journal and set a clear intention for the meditation that will follow.

For instance, let’s say that you have chosen The Wheel of Fortune because you have become aware that you are missing all the opportunities that are coming your way. Maybe you feel like that you constantly keep finding yourself under the bottom of the Wheel. An intention could be:

I set the intention for this self-healing session to centre myself in the hub of the Wheel so that I am always ready to jump at any opportunities coming my way.

OR, if you work with the Archangel associated with the Third Eye Chakra:

Dear Archangel Sachiel, help me stay centred in the hub of the Wheel so that I am ready to leap at any future opportunities that come my way.

Reiki Self-healing

Continuing with the example of the third eye chakra, place one hand over the third eye chakra and the other hand over the back of your head. Give your third eye chakra reiki for at least one minute. Keep holding the position for as long as you feel is needed.

If this is painful or you feel you simply can’t hold the position for long enough, I recommend lying down and using a Reiki-charged crystal to amplify the healing energy.

  • Crown: Both hands on top of the head
  • Third eye: One hand on your forehead and the other on the back of the head
  • Throat chakra: One hand on either side of the neck, forearms touching, resting the thumbs against the sternum and leaving a bit of space around the front of the neck
  • Heart chakra: Both hands crossed over the heart (it doesn’t matter which hand is on top)
  • Solar plexus chakra: Both hands held horizontally, one above the other, to cover the whole SP chakra area
  • Sacral chakra: Both hands below the navel, held with the fingers meeting at the centre line, over the womb
  • Root chakra: One hand on each hip crease, fingers pointing toward the pubic bone

Crystal Self-healing

This is the ideal way to do energy self-healing if you have not been attuned to a modality like Reiki. Place the crystal (sodalite, for instance, for the third eye chakra) over your chosen chakra and lie down. You can set a timer if you like, or simply allow the healing to flow until you feel that it is done.

  • Crown: Place the crystal on the floor or supporting surface just above your head
  • Third eye: Place the crystal on the middle of the forehead, just above the eyebrows
  • Throat chakra: Place the crystal below the larynx, on the collar bones
  • Heart chakra: Place the crystal in the middle of the chest where your energetic heart is located
  • Solar plexus chakra: Place the crystal on top of your solar plexus
  • Sacral chakra: Place the crystal about an inch below the navel, along the middle line of your body
  • Root chakra: Place the crystal on the floor or supporting surface below your tailbone or on your pubic bone

The whole session can be done in as little as 15 minutes or it can stretch out to an hour. It all depends on what comes up for you.

Always complete your emotional self-healing session with a journal entry.


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