Faery Forecast 14 – 20 November 2016


Namafae, my lovelies! Happy faery Friday! It’s been a crazy week and the Moon is waxing full this weekend, to reach its Super Full Moon peak on Monday, so the crazy will probably keep growing for a while yet, with emotions riding high and many people being easily triggered.

The trick is to not let your emotions rule your life and your entire being. You don’t want to go into self-destruct mode over something as silly as an election result or a love affair ending. Also, there is perfectly effective (and FREE) remedy as prescribed in this article by Richard Abbot.

Because the Fae love romance and because I have dedicated Friday’s to them, I feel they may also be behind today’s Frideborg Tarot Guidance post over on my other blog. Are you in love with love, like the Page of Cups? Then you need to check this out!

Monday – Tuesday: The Super Full Moon in Taurus on Monday is a powerful for all kinds of magick. The magical Moon LOVES being in Taurus and Taurean energy is auspicious for manifesting anything from a better singing voice, to a better flow of abundance or even true love. I was curious about where the Fae would put the emphasis at the start of the week but not surprised when the emphasis is on letting go, rather than manifesting.

And what should we be letting go of? No surprise there either in the wake of the recent US election: fear and anxiety must go now. They are useless emotions and don’t belong with anyone who wishes for greater freedom. With freedom comes great responsibility. Another post-election reading I did earlier this week addresses the need to met fear and hatred with compassion, and to grow a backbone, now that we can finally all agree that there is no Big Brother who is going to look after us from cradle to grave…

The Faeries are telling me that the reason this Full Moon is so ideal for letting go of fear is that it has a strongly grounding influence and a chill factor of 10/10. Taurus is a naturally lazy and sensual sign. Use this laziness and sensuality in the positive sense. Think of things that help you chill out, things that involve your physical body as well as your mind on Monday. This is your chance to create long-term gains in terms of being a more chilled out person.

Wednesday – Thursday: So what do we need to do in order to move to higher ground? We need to continuously remind ourselves of the spiritual truth as stated by Julian of Norwich:

All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”
– Julian of Norwich

If you struggle with this notion, I have a question for you: What is your meditation practice like at the moment? Thought so. It is in turmoil we need to practise the most and it is in a state of turmoil that the temptation to run around like a madman, waiving our arms in the air, shouting ‘Oh my God, we’re all going to die!’ becomes the most overwhelming.

Use the power of the mind to bring your mind and emotions back into alignment. It doesn’t take more than five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night if you do it right! Focus on the breath, the flame of a candle or an image (the Tarot works well!) that brings you a sense of serenity. Complete the meditation practice by sending thoughts of love and peace all around the globe, with the intent of love and peace to reign.

The Weekend: As the Moon wanes and your feelings become more centred, it is likely that you will start feeling ‘I’ve got this!’ – Well done! Because it’s true, you truly do have this. The world isn’t going to end in the next four years and what the future of our children will look like depends on the effort we (yes, you and I as individuals) put into making the world a better place by being kind to every living being.

Those of you who have been waiting for news that will allow you to move forward – Now is the time! A not-to-be missed opportunity could be coming your way this weekend. Be brave and move forward with fire in your belly!

And because it is Friday, I’m signing off with a picture of our new puppy, Nimue. I hope she puts a smile on your face.

Happiness is a warm puppy.
~ Charles M. Schulz




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