How to See Faeries

Seeing Faeries – A Poem

Children all know how to see faeries

The times and places betwixt and between
Is when and where we are most easily seen
Only those pure of heart may see our kind
Only those who seek shall ever find
Litterbugs and toxic people are banned
From our fair and enchanted land
Raising your vibration is a must
If you seek to gain our trust
We may be shy so look to one side
The corner of your eye is where we hide

It is, of course, in Nature that we live and play
If you are kind, we are happy for you to stay
In the faery circle for a while to sing and dance
If you were chosen, it was not by chance!

Look your best; wear something sparkly and bright
If you please us we may leave you an enchanted gift
We don’t mind who you tell about our magical light –
The time has come and mankind is ready for a shift.

Soon faeries and people of Earth and the Stars
Will join hands with the angels for peace
The time has come to heal the ancient scars
Behold, four Realms working together with Ease!

You are blessed to be alive and reading this
We send you our blessing with a faery kiss
Open your heart to receive it now
Oh yes… wow, WOW… WOW!

Fairy Blissings

Lisa Frideborg

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