Holistic rune meanings and correspondences for the Mannaz Elder Futhark rune

Mannaz Rune Meanings

Holistic rune meanings and correspondences for the Mannaz Elder Futhark rune

Mannaz – Rune of Embodied Consciousness

What makes us divine is the spark of divine consciousness within our bodies… and without the body, we would not at all be human. This is the rune of mankind, people and the human condition. It shows both limitation and unlimited potential.

Our consciousness lives on after we die but it is only if it decides to take form again that we get to experience the exhilarating lessons that come with the human territory once more. Manifesting is difficult in this realm. It means acting on wisdom and guidance. It means taking risks and experiencing one failure after another.

But it also means reaping the rewards of overcoming extreme trials and tribulations. We keep coming back to Earth school so that we can keep growing our souls. Without form, the soul would not take on the unique expression of divine consciousness that makes you you – it would still be undifferentiated from the Great Spirit.

Once our divine consciousness becomes fully embodied, free from the shackles of guilt and shame, i.e. once we have embodied our Christ Consciousness, we understand that we are all connected – not just as humans – but all souls on all levels of existence, as well as spirit beings that are either friends or foes. New worlds open to us then, while we are still here with both feet planted on Terra Firma.

Stripped back meaning based on the actual word and shape

Mannaz means man/mankind and in modern Swedish the word is människa.

The shape of the word is essentially the Dagaz rune on legs. Dagaz is the rune of awakening and divine consciousness. The true form of the Dagaz rune is the infinity symbol (aka the lemniscate) but since there was no way of carving curved runes, it looks more like an hour-glass on its side

The shape of the infinity symbol can be thought of as the two hemispheres of the brain, with the point in the middle representing the third eye. It is a reminder that our mind has limitless potential… and it is up to us to unlock that potential. Essentially, the task of unlocking this potential is why we find ourselves back in Earth School.

What most people don’t realise though is that the shape of this rune is also a temple and that the key to unlocking the potential is hidden in the temple… Guess where! Did I hear you say ‘In the heart’…? Don’t doubt it for a second!


  • Polarity: Gender Neutral
  • Zodiac correspondences: The Sun, Saturn
  • Tarot card correspondences: The Sun, the 5’s, The World
  • Archangel correspondences: Archangel Michael, Shekinah
  • Chakra correspondences: Third Eye
  • Health: Vitality levels

Divinatory Meanings

General: man, mankind, people, the masses, the human condition, intelligence, the Self, generosity, curiousity – Reversed: selfishness, inhuman conditions, patriarchy, losing one’s sense of purpose

Love & relationships: a strong connection, intellectual rapport – Reversed: lack of rapport, lack of empathy

Health/wellbeing: good vitality levels, grounded, agile, enjoyment of the human condition – Reversed: low vitality, not in the body, rigid, depression

Business: service industry, HR department, being on track with one’s life purpose – Reversed: inhumane working conditions, robotics, union opposition

Holistic Healing Tips for Mannaz

Chant MANN-ahwz to ground your energy fully into the body.

Use in spells to connect a sense of unity and harmony in groups of people, or to help with networking.

Wear it around your neck as an antidote if you have a tendency to go into spiritual bypass mode.

Use for life purpose spells together with Kenaz and Sowilo.


  • I enjoy my soul’s embodiment in this incarnation.
  • I make the most of having a human experience.
  • Eternity is a long time – I allow myself to relax into this incarnation.
  • I am an eternal soul having a human experience.
  • I am here to transcend all limitations and blocks to love.
  • I respect all fellow humans and bow to their divine origin which is the same as mine.
  • I am a force for healing and unity among my brothers and sisters.
  • I am on track for graduating with honours from Earth School this time.

To strengthen the effect of the affirmation, you can draw the Mannaz rune over a glass of water. Say the affirmation out loud while holding the glass. Drink the water mindfully and visualise it spreading throughout your body, circulating your spirit essence and revitalising all cells. Give thanks for the honour to be human.

Mannaz Prayer

Dear Mother-Father God, Thank you for the human experience I have enjoyed so far in this body. Help me to honour the body which makes it possible for me to be a blessing to all living beings. I ask for the wisdom to not miss a single opportunity to make this world a little bit better for someone else. Amen and so it is!

Try the Mannaz Embodied Consciousness Tarot Spread HERE!


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