Fairy Tarot and Magical Messages from the Fairies

7-9 July – Release and Regroup #magdalenemessage

Fairy Tarot and Magical Messages from the Fairies

You may have noticed that today’s message is missing the #mysticmisfit hashtag. That’s because I’ve been instructed to share a Magdalene message instead and I will keep doing this for as long as Spirit seems fit. 

Awakening from the Fairy Tarot cards and Whom Do You Need to Forgive from the Magical Messages of the Fairies (UK Amazon affiliate links) combine for incredibly powerful message about surrender, release and forgiveness so that we can receive a new perspective on what is going on and our own role in the greater scheme of things.

Because of the Neptunian connection for Awakening (trad. The Hanged Man), you will also need to attention to your dreams over the next couple of days. Your subconscious is likely to be in overdrive over the weekend because The Full Moon in Capricorn will be conjunct Pluto (Planet of Transformation).

Essentially, the theme over the next couple of weeks is: ‘Check yourself. Own your shit so you can release it.’ Projecting it will be like putting out fire with gasoline – It WILL blow up in your face… So the Magdalene is stepping forward with this gentle heads up on how to deal with it in a more enlightened way.

Some of us may feel used and abused and as if we have every right to be in a self-righteous huff with whoever. If you’re feeling this right now, your ego is running the show. How to deal with it? Remember how Jesus told us turn the other cheek instead of lashing out? Yeah, that one. We all know it and most of us dismiss it as masochistic nonsense. 2,000 years down the line most of us still don’t understand what it means to turn the other cheek.

It simply means to not be reactive but to proactively handle the situation the way our Higher Self would. This in turn means being VERY aware of our boundaries. Running away won’t cut it either, so the option isn’t fight or flight – It’s about being the Light. What that means will vary from situation to situation, of course, but it will invariably mean speaking your truth.

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Speaking your truth puts the ball firmly back in the court of the person who is stomping all over your personal boundaries. Then, and only then can you walk away with your head held high… not because you are filled with ego pride but because your Light has not been dimmed by the situation.

Who are you blaming now? It doesn’t matter if it’s a list of a dozen or more, or if you are the only person you are currently blaming; You need to forgive everyone. Your Light is needed in the world. You have a Magdalene calling or you wouldn’t still be reading this… So write that list. Release everyone from judgement (when they know better they too will do better) and burn the list.

The other thing I’m being told to pass on is to get plenty of rest over the weekend. Spiritual downloads will be happening when you are in relaxed enough state.

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Magdalene Blessings,

Lisa aka Miriam AngelDancer