23 new project archangel gabriel oracle

Mystic Misfit Message 23 June

23 new project archangel gabriel oracle

Holy shift! This New Moon tonight/early tomorrow is a portal for creative transformation and many of us will find ourselves pregnant with new projects. If you are reading this, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will find yourself with a bun in the oven too.This is has given me direction for the week ahead forecasts I will post later on today. In general, for all of us though, I feel that really old patterns and creative blocks can be shifted now by simply surrendering to the Divine Feminine.

[bctt tweet=”To be human is to be creative. To create is divine.” username=”LisaFrideborg”]

She does not force the process but helps put us in a state of flow when we make ourselves available. The ego will kick back for sure. It’s full of patriarchal programming and we can’t expect it to stand by quietly… It won’t just watch us make mad love with the Divine and give birth to creations of Light and Love…

Oh no. It will tell us that we are crazy and do its best to make us feel shit enough about ourselves to crawl back into the comfort zone. It will lie to us and say we need to complete a, b and c first (clean the cupboards, alphabetise our deck collection etc…). It tells us that nobody will listen and that we don’t have the power to make a difference in the world. It hisses that we are not good enough and that we are not worthy of abundance… that we are not worthy – period… etc ad nauseam.

But here is the thing: [bctt tweet=”You are being divinely guided to create something new that the world sorely needs right now.” username=”LisaFrideborg”]

Fuck the ego.

Set an hour apart every day to just get on with it. Steal an hour from TV-watching or browsing the Internet. Steal an hour wherever you can find it. It’s not your hour anyway. It’s a sacred hour and it belongs to Her. Show up. You can’t disappoint Her if you show up. It doesn’t matter if you show up and just tremble for the first half hour.

You are freeing yourself from the clutches of fear, patriarchy and the ego. Trembling is totally OK. Put some music on and shake it all out. Clear your energy. You’ve got this!

Just breathe. Just begin. Your idea may not even be fully formed yet… Did that stop you when you were a young child? No. You. Just. Played.

So play for an hour while Mother watches over you. Play until you re-member who you are and what you came here to do.


So much love!

Lisa xo

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