why they want to marry you pick a card tarot reading

Why They Want to Marry You Pick-a-Card Tarot Reading

Why They Want to Marry You Pick-a-Card Tarot Reading

Best Marriage Advice Ever

When I was in my early 20’s, my grandmother gave me the best advice anybody in my family has ever given me: ‘Don’t get married until you are at least 25 years old because you don’t know yourself well enough to make the right choice before then.’

She spoke from experience of having been married at age 21 to a man twice her age. I obviously thought I was way more clever than her so I got married at 22 – The first of three marriages… Because yeah, she was right: I didn’t know myself well enough at all to make a life-long commitment.

The other day, I got a request for a specific type of pick-a-card reading on my YouTube channel. Someone asked if I could do a reading on why someone wants to marry them.

At first I thought, ‘Hell no!’ – You shouldn’t even think about marrying someone if you’re not sure why they want to marry you, right? But then I softened and realised that since so many of us enter into marriage without even knowing our own motives, it is actually a totally legit question.

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Consious Dating

The other thing that made me agree to do this type of reading is that I realised it would give me an opportunity to talk about conscious dating, as opposed to playing the ‘dating game.’

What is conscious dating? Conscious dating is about focusing on self-awareness first. It is basically common sense and what my grandmother was trying to get my ignorant young ass to understand. Self-knowledge is the key to any successful relationship.

Secondly, conscious dating is about abiding by the spiritual principle of treating others how we ourselves wish to be treated. I.e. if you do not wish to be manipulated through some kind of ‘game,’ don’t play games with the hearts of others.

Finally, conscious dating has only one agenda because only one agenda in love & romance allows for the the soul to reach the pinnacle of love: unconditional love for the Highest Good of all.

Conscious dating could also be termed 5D dating and this is what we are all evolving toward in the Age of Aquarius. This type of dating may very well open up for more polyamorous relationships to flourish because it enables us to release the agenda of exclusivity and ownership in relationships. That said, we are always free to choose exclusivity as a means to conserve our energy!

Why They Want to Marry You

So without further ado… Pick a pile of Tarot cards below to find out why the one you are currently with wants to tie the knot!

Pile 1 01:40
Pile 2 04:00
Pile 3 06:14

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