dragon code 5 raidho

Dragon Code 5 Raidho

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dragon code 5 raidho rune of right action

Raidho for Peace of Mind

As proven by Dragon Code 5, Raidho, peace of mind is not just about sitting still, chanting or reciting prayers. Sometimes, quite often, in fact, peace springs from taking action. In the case of Raidho, we are talking about the kind of action that allows us to move forward with integrity. This is also known as Right Action. Right Action becomes possible when we are fully aligned with our own Essence and in harmony with the tides and seasons of our environment.

The other aspect of right action is that it cannot happen without mental clarity. This is why there are two chakra correspondences for Raidho: The solar plexus chakra for taking action and the third eye for clarity of vision.

If at all possible, it is always best to allow clarity of vision to emerge from within. The second best option is to turn to a teacher or seer/psychic for assistance. But the second option is better by far than moving forward blindly and just hoping for the best. And if you are, for any reason, unsure of what you should be aiming for but still have to make a move, aim for peace.

right action dragon code 5 raidho

Raidho for Prosperity

Raidho can be used for greater prosperity together with Fehu. Both have a strong energy that assists with new beginnings and Raidho can help us stay on course/aligned with our Essence for any new venture.

Raidho is also excellent energy to invoke for making sure that whatever money-making venture we would like to get off the ground is aligned with our mission blueprint. Draw Raidho over your third eye and meditate on how things might develop if you go down this path.

What do things look like further down the line, say six months from now? More importantly, how will going down this path make you feel? If you do not have a sense of deep peace, it may not be the right path.

Raidho for Personal Power

Raidho is an extremely powerful dragon code to work with for personal power. You can, for instance, use it first thing in the morning to remind yourself that Right Action will help you stay on course for your life purpose.

You can also use Raidho anytime you feel apathetic or sluggish, to remind yourself that staying on the right path will empower you and provide the energy you need for moving forward.

Raidho Morning Ritual

Sit in meditation and allow the Raidho rune to emerge in your soulscape. Watch it grow bigger and glimmer with gold. Breathe this energy into your solar plexus chakra. Keep breathing until your solar plexus chakra feels radiant and completely replenished.

Next, watch another Raidho rune approach from the horizon of your inner vision. As it comes closer, you notice that it is the colour purple. Breathe it into your third eye chakra until this chakra feels nourished. Then tap lightly on your third eye and ask to be shown what action to take next on your path. This will be the right action that keeps you in alignment with your Essence.

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