40. Yeiazel – 3 of Swords

Yeiazel Yoh Yoh Zah

Shem Angel 40 Yeiazel (aka Ieiazel) is the Shem HaMemphorash whose name means ‘God who delights every living thing’ or ‘God who rejoices. The name sounds like Yoh-Yoh-Zah. The corresponding Angelic Choir is Powers, under the rulership of Archangel Camael aka Chamuel. The Planetary correspondences are Mars and the Moon. Yeiazel is the Angel of Consolation. He brings comfort to those who experience troubled times and helps them move on. The corresponding gemstone is Pearl.

Yeiazel rules the time between 1:00 and 1:20 PM. Though this is the best time to invoke Yeiazel, he may be invoked at any time his assistance is required. Yeiazel primarily rules the dates 9 – 13 October, corresponding with the 3 of Swords, covering the final five days of the second decan (10 days) of Libra. Secondary rulership covers 16 February, 30 April, 14 July, 27 September and 8 December.

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Yeiazel and the 3 of Swords

The 3 of Swords (Saturn in Libra) corresponds with the Guardian Angels Rehael and Yeiazel. This card of heartache and separation thus brings us two of the most beautiful and uplifting Shem Angels to comfort us. This is proof that God never abandons us when we are suffering. When we surrender our troubles to the Divine, we grow from our suffering. The Pearl gemstone correspondence for Yeiazel is symbolic of the wisdom we gain through difficult lessons.

The Kabbalistic title of the 3 of Swords is the Lord of Sorrow. Yeiazel (God who rejoices) carries the antidote to our sorrows. He also helps us avoid drowning our sorrows with alcohol or engaging in other forms of escapist or addictive behaviours. Call on him to help you face your troubles and addictions with honesty and compassion for your journey.

After each difficult life lesson, Yeiazel can bring us renewal and revitalisation. Just ask. He helps us start over and feel inspired once more. He renews our passion for our creative talents and helps us focus on creating a harmonious existence where we can prosper once more.

Those born under the auspice of Yeiazel and the 3 of Swords are often skilled at transmuting their pain and sorrow into beautiful works of art, especially in the literary genre.

Psalms to Invoke Yeiazel

Psalms to Invoke Yeiazel

Weaknesses that Yeiazel Can Transform

  • Addictions
  • Pessimism
  • Apathy
  • Easily distracted
  • Emotional turmoil
  • A chaotic existence with one difficult lesson after another
  • Producing art that inspires destructive tendencies

Use the Yoh-Yoh-Zah Mantra to…

…abandon addiction. He can help when we feel drained and hopeless. He renews hope and restores vitality levels. Chant Yoh-Yoh-Zah for creative inspiration and to cancel the noise of distracting thoughts. When we become the Angelic Humans God intended us to be, we accept that life’s sorrows are sometimes how we must learn important lessons. Yeiazel can teach us how to transmute the pain of those lessons into the Pearl of Wisdom and make us more compassionate toward our fellow humans.

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