46. Ariel – 6 of Cups

46 Ariel Ah-Reh-Yoh

Shem Angel 46 Ariel is the Shem HaMemphorash whose name means ‘The Revealing God’ or ‘God the Revealer. The name sounds like Ah-Reh-Yoh. The corresponding Angelic Choir is Virtues, under the rulership of Archangel Michael. The Planetary correspondences are the Sun and Venus and the associated gemstone is Peridot. Ariel has masculine energy (though please bear in mind that angels have no gender) and is the Angel of Psychic Ability. He provides spiritual discernment and can protect us from misusing psychic gifts, both when giving and receiving readings. He helps reveal hidden treasures and the true desires of our souls.

Ariel rules the time between 3 and 3:20 PM.

Ariel rules 8 – 12 November, covering the final five days of Scorpio’s second decan (10 days). The corresponding Minor Arcana Tarot card for this decan of Scorpio is the 6 of Cups. Sehaliah rules the first quinance (five days) of the same decan. Ariel’s secondary rulership covers 22 February, 6 May, 20 July, 3 October and 14 December.

Your Birth Angels

We each have three Guardian Angels watching over each incarnation. The following explains the roles of your three Birth Angels: Primary rulership determines the physical and external material aspects of the person born within that date range. Secondary rulership determines the emotional characteristics and challenges a person may face. Finally, the time of day determines the person’s intellectual capability.

Use this calculator to find your three Shem HaMephorash Birth Angels.

Ariel and the 6 of Cups

The 6 of Cups (Sun in Scorpio) corresponds with the Shem Angels Sehaliah and Ariel. They connect to the energy of this card in slightly different ways. With Sehaliah, it is more to stir us from the apathy that comes from being stuck in the past. With Ariel, it is about revealing our true desire as well as returning to a state of innocence that allows us to unveil our soul in perfect alignment with Higher Will.

Scorpio energy cards all have a connection with the occult. Ariel, the Angel of Psychic Ability, can help those under her auspice to develop any clairvoyant gifts or mediumism.

Secrecy is another concept associated with Scorpio energy. Ariel helps you reveal secrets while staying under the radar of anyone wishing to harm you. He can protect you while you work on an important project until you can safely share your work/discovery with the world.

Ultimately, Ariel can help you achieve great success by uncovering the hidden treasure of your soul. The connection with the 6 of Cups for this can be seen in the symbology of children. Children have not yet been conditioned to cover up their true selves or the gifts they were born with. Ariel helps you reconnect with the child within. He finetunes your inner vision so that you can make the most of your gifts and talents for the Highest Good.

Psalms to Invoke Ariel

Psalms to invoke Ariel

Weaknesses that Ariel Can Transform

  • Fortune-tellers who abuse psychic gifts
  • False mediums
  • Mind stuck on problems, unable to find solutions
  • Inefficiency
  • Doubt and self-doubt
  • Not being true to oneself
  • Indecisiveness, lack of discernment

Use the Ah-Reh-Yoh Mantra to…

…to gain clarity about your life purpose. Ariel can show you how to make the most of your gifts, especially if they are of the psychic kind. He can help you find solutions to any problems. Chant Ah-Reh-Yo before falling asleep to receive prophetic messages in your dreams. He can help you understand and decipher recurring signs in your environment. When we become the Angelic Humans God intends for us to be, we have clarity and peace of mind and use our natural psychic gifts for the Highest Good of All rather than for personal gain.

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