‘The Heart of the Matter’ Astrological Tarot Spread


In today’s post, I’m sharing the ‘Heart of the Matter’ Astrological Tarot Spread that can be used to look at any transits or placement of interest. As an example, we are looking at the current Dark Moon in Scorpio.

Scorpio is all about transformation and metamorphosis, and the upcoming New Moon solar eclipse is all about letting go of anything that no longer serves us. This double whammy of transformational celestial influences is the perfect time to take a closer look at what needs to be transmuted and/or shed in our own lives.

Let’s start by separating the Scorpio energy cards from the rest of the deck.

Knight of Cups
5 of Cups
6 of Cups
7 of Cups

Shuffle these five cards well and randomly choose one face down. This is your first card.

Before proceeding you need to mix the four remaining Scorpio cards back into the full deck. Shuffle and cut again, randomly pick four more cards and place them according to the layout below:

The Heart of the Matter Astrological Tarot Spread


This Scorpio Tarot card gives you more focus and lets you know which lesson/theme you are working with. Examples:

Death – Massive, life-changing transformation that has been a long time coming. You may receive a message to abandon an old way of life or to end a toxic relationship.

Knight of Cups – Focus on romance and creativity. On the shadow side, this could point to jealousy issues. You may want to examine your intensity levels. Do you need to tone them down or do you need to ditch someone who is asking you to change?

5 of Cups – Are you wallowing in grief? Is your glass half empty? It is time to change that sad song you’ve got on repeat on Spotify and put some distance between yourself and the past.

6 of Cups – You can’t excuse their abuse by claiming they are a ‘soul mate‘! Nostalgia could be keeping you trapped in relationships or behaviour patterns that no longer serve you.

7 of Cups – Time to cut back on drink and drugs? What could you be doing to bring more clarity into your life? How has keeping yourself in a constant state of semi-confusion about your Life Purpose served you? It’s time to step out of the opium den and smell the fresh morning air!

Not surprisingly, doing this spread for myself (my father just passed away, halfway between the lunar and solar eclipses), I got the 5 of Cups:


Dark Decks for the Win!

I recommend working with a Dark Tarot deck as the New Moon / Dark Moon is the perfect time for introspection and Shadow work. I chose the Bohemian Gothic Tarot and gained wonderful additional insights by reading the companion book. This is my favourite deck for Shadow work, as much for the wisdom contained in the companion book as for the hauntingly beautiful images.

The current Mercury retrograde is also helpful in terms of introspection.


This card crosses the first card. Try to feel where the energy between the first two cards meets and where there is tension/grating between these two cards. It is in the tension you will find the challenge as well as the key to resolving it.

This is what my reading looked like:


When I tune into where the energy meets between these two cards, I feel that the tension is created by the desire to stay in a state of sadness/lethargy and the need to be responsible/proactive. Now that the patriarch of our family has passed on, I need to find a way of fitting the shoes of the matriarch. This is quite scary – especially when it comes to providing financially in the way my father (King of Pentacles) did, as I doubt myself in this capacity.

3 – 5. ADVICE

The final three cards are to be read intuitively, based on the message(s) contained in the images. While I didn’t find it difficult to decipher the message in the three cards above for myself, I choose not to share it here for reasons that are my own.

I hope you enjoy trying this way of reading the Tarot even if you do not normally bother with Astrological correspondences. I find that gaining focus and insight for Astrological transits, aspects and influences truly is one of the Tarot’s strong points… and I love that it makes me feel how interconnected everything is!

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love raven liora

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  1. Hi Deb, personally I don't read with reversals… and wow! You're brave to try this as your first spread ever! Just tell me what your intuitive impression is of these cards… lay them out and really look at them in the upright position. Let the images speak! What does your gut tell you?

  2. I just got my first deck this week, and this is the first spread I have done.
    My card was the Five of Cups, Reversed….all my cards were, but perhaps that is because I had all my cards going in the same direction [upright] when I shuffled? My horizontal card was the Queen of Cups. My advice cards are Ace of Swords, the Star and Two of Swords….Im getting back on my feet after some pretty heavy life happenings, plural. Today was my first step towards a new career and hopefully down the line, a new love relationship. Any comments or suggestions?
    Thank you as always!
    {{{ <3 }}} deb

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