7 Ways to Make the Most of the Aries Full Moon with the Aries Full Moon Self-expression Tarot Spread

Make the Most of the Aries Full Moon (Includes a Tarot Spread)

7 Ways to Make the Most of the Aries Full Moon with the Aries Full Moon Self-expression Tarot Spread

Today, we prepare for how to make the most of the upcoming Aries Full Moon and use the Tarot to guide us toward authentic self-expression.

In general, the Aries Full Moon is a  good time to release any brashness, self-centredness or tendencies to charge ahead without thinking things through. Confidence, leadership and taking firm action when the need arises are qualities to express and cultivate at this time.

In 2023, this lunation is a Super Full Moon which means that the Moon will appear bigger in the sky. This is the final Super Full Moon of 2023 and it takes place on 29 September, coinciding with Michaelmas.

The Full Moon closest to the Autumn Equinox is known as the Harvest Moon. This year, the Autumn Equinox, aka Mabon, falls on 23 September.

Angelic Correspondences

The Archangelic ruler of the Aries Full Moon is Camael, ruler of Mars. His name means He Who Sees God. Camael is the warrior angel who can help us stand up for ourselves. On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, he rules the sephira Geburah and he is the leader of the angelic choir of Powers. The role of the Powers is to protect the order of the Virtues, the choir above them, from attack by dark forces. The Virtues are in charge of the order of the celestial bodies and are also bringers of miracles.

Appropriate Divine Magick spells would be for courage, self-confidence, leadership, dealing with authority figures, starting any new innovative venture, increased speed, (male) libido, or any health issues related to the head or the muscles. Cast the spell during the Planetary Hour of Mars. You can use this online calculator to figure out when that is.

Other Correspondences

The Tarot correspondences are The Emperor for Aries and The Tower for Mars.

Red is the colour candle to use. Appropriate essential oils are black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, frankincense and basil. A good herb to incorporate in any spells or potions would be stinging nettle. Use red flowers and crystals for the altar and red ink for writing down your spell.

7 Ways to Make the Most of the Aries Full Moon

1. Assert your individuality

Have you been hiding your light under a bushel? Was fitting in more important than standing out? This may change today. Just see how you feel about it and consider if perhaps the world would be a better place if you really got stuck in using your unique gifts in more noticeable ways…

2. Assume leadership

It is time to step up to the plate. Not all of us are leaders of big corporations or organisations but we all have to assume a leadership role in different ways. Assess where you are called to lead and think about ways to make the most of this opportunity, for the Highest Good of All.

3. Speak your truth

Have you been more concerned about keeping the peace than making your voice heard? Now is a good time to remedy that. Say what is on your heart and mind without excuses or a need to justify why you don’t feel the same as everyone else. Show appreciation for others when they are frank with you in return.

4. Trail-blaze

Do something completely new just because it has never been done before. Add a splash of colour to the world around you by crushing the status quo. What have you been putting off because you’ve never seen it done before – or at least not where you live? Maybe this is just the sort of thing that will help ignite the spark in other secret dreamers.

5. Protect your head

Wear a helmet! Aries is known to jump into things headfirst and head injuries do tend to happen. Even if you are not an Aries, the excitement of the Aries Full Moon can give many a sudden and unexpected need for speed. It’s okay to go fast if you also make sure it is safe.

6. Wear red

Red is the colour of Aries. Wearing the colour infuses us with all the Aries trademark qualities. Wear it as an accessory if it isn’t really your colour… and if your focus for this lunation is to infuse your life with more passion, why not get some red underwear?

7. Train hard

Aries has an excess of energy that tends to get restless without the ability to let off steam. Unless you have a physically demanding job, consider making your workout a bit more taxing than usual around the time of the Aries Full Moon to keep your irritability levels down.

An Aries Full Moon Tarot Spread for Self-Expression

Aries Full Moon Tarot Spread for Self-Expression
  1. A valuable aspect of my individuality that I have (unintentionally) hidden from the world
  2. What I fear might happen if I show my true self fully and let my light shine as brightly as possible
  3. Where I need more courage
  4. Where I need more speed
  5. What to expect when I begin to express my unique individuality

Aries Full Moon Blessings!


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