the magic of michaelmas

The Michaelmas Courage and Radiance Tarot Spread

the magic of michaelmas

The celebration of Michaelmas holds a symbolic significance that goes beyond religious affiliations. Michaelmas, observed on September 29th, is associated with the Archangel Michael, who is revered in various spiritual traditions. In 2023, Michaelmas falls on the day of the Full Moon in Aries.

This is a powerful time to ask the universe for illumination regarding our life path and spiritual calling, as well as for calling in guidance, support and protection from the angelic realm. For a couple of esoteric, non-religious perspectives on Michaelmas check out THIS VIDEO (Astrology/Anthroposophy) and THIS VIDEO (Pagan/Esoteric).

From a spiritual perspective, Michaelmas represents the eternal battle between light and darkness, both within ourselves and in the world. It signifies the triumph of goodness, courage, and inner strength over fear, doubt, and negativity. This celebration invites us to reflect on our own spiritual journey, seeking to overcome obstacles and embrace our highest potential.

How to Celebrate Michaelmas in a Non-religious Way

During Michaelmas, many who are on a spiritual rather than religious path choose to engage in practices that promote personal growth and transformation. This may involve meditation, prayer, or energy work to cultivate inner balance, courage and resilience. Archangel Michael’s energy can provide guidance and protection throughout these practices.

Michaelmas also brings an opportunity to recognise and appreciate the changing seasons. It is the angelic equivalent of the pagan celebration of Mabon. Of course, there is nothing stopping us from celebrating both!

As autumn unfolds, it symbolises the turning of the cosmic wheel, reminding us of the natural cycles of life, death, and rebirth. During Michaelmas, we can pause and find harmony within the ever-changing rhythms of existence.

In essence, the spiritual celebration of Michaelmas highlights the universal themes of courage, inner light, and the continuous pursuit of truth and goodness. It invites us to take stock of the year so far from an angelic point of view so that we can release anything weighing us down during the final months of the year.

By allowing Archangel Michael and the angelic realm to illuminate this station in the Wheel of the Year, we can contribute to the collective elevation of consciousness and the manifestation of a more harmonious world.

5 Simple Ways to Honour the Light on Michaelmas

  1. Light a candle: Light a candle in honour of the archangel Michael and create a sacred space for reflection. As you watch the flame, visualise it illuminating your path and guiding you towards your highest potential. If you want to make this a bit more elaborate, now is a good time to set up an Angel Altar.
  2. Spend time in nature: Go outdoors, whether it’s for a walk in the park, a hike in the woods, or simply find a peaceful spot in your garden. Take in the beauty of the changing seasons. Connect with the angelic realm and reflect on the cycles of life and rebirth. I love to ask for a sign or message from the angels before going on an angel walk.
  3. Offer gratitude: Express gratitude for the blessings in your life and acknowledge the journey of inner growth and transformation. Give thanks to whatever higher power you are aligned with, as well as your Guardian Angel and Archangel Michael. Consider creating a small gratitude ritual to honour the abundance in your life.
  4. Engage in self-reflection: Set aside some time for self-reflection and contemplation. Use the Tarot spread below and journal what you learn about your spiritual journey and the obstacles you have overcome. Consider what fears or doubts you are ready to release and what aspects of your life you are ready to strengthen.
  5. Perform acts of kindness: In the spirit of goodness and courage, perform acts of kindness towards others. The angels love when we extend a helping hand, offer support, or simply show compassion. Small gestures can have a profound impact on others and contribute to a more harmonious world.

Remember, these suggestions are meant to inspire you to celebrate Michaelmas in a way that resonates with your own beliefs and values. Enjoy the process and embrace the opportunity for personal growth and spiritual connection.

The Michaelmas Courage and Radiance Tarot Spread

1. The Flame of Courage

  • This card represents the aspect of your life that requires courage. The angelic guidance for this card illuminates where you need to summon your inner strength and face your fears.

2. Guiding Light

  • This card symbolises the encouragement and support you can receive from the angelic realm during this time. It shows you how the angels are already working with you in your role as a guiding light to others.

3. Embracing Change

  • This card signifies the aspect of your life that is in need of transformation. What changes are necessary for your personal and spiritual development between Michaelmas and the end of the year?

4. Overcoming Obstacles

  • This card represents the obstacles or challenges you may encounter on your spiritual journey. What inner dragon do you need to tame to progress towards your highest potential? This card will provide insights into how you can navigate through difficulties and rise above them.

5. Inner Radiance

  • This card symbolises how to cultivate and nurture your inner radiance. It shows you how to shine your light in the world in an authentic way.

6. Manifesting Harmony

  • This card represents how you are uniquely equipped to participate in the creation of a more harmonious world. The message you receive here from the angels will guide you towards taking actions that align with the collective elevation of consciousness in the final months of the year.

You can use an angel oracle deck if you prefer. Use your intuition and personal interpretations to gain a deeper understanding of each card’s message, in the context of your own life experiences. Enjoy the process of self-reflection and spiritual exploration during this time of Michaelmas.

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  1. Blessed Michaelmas Lisa.
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    This day is always so peaceful for me. Hope it is for you as well.

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      Lovely to hear from you, Tara, and blessings to you! It’s windy but sunny here and yes, all is well! Glad to hear this is a peaceful day for you. Lots of love!

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