equinox recalibration tarot spread

Equinox Recalibration Tarot Spread

The 2023 Spring Equinox (Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere) is at 9.24 PM GMT tomorrow, Monday 20 March. I have not had the inspiration/inclination to create any tarot spreads recently. If you have been following my work, you already know why. And if you would like to catch up, you can do so HERE. However, this sunny morning, while walking my Jack Russel x Chi Hua Hua, Teddy, an Equinox Recalibration Tarot Spread formed in my mind. It’s the spread you can see in the image above.

Below, you will find more in-depth explanations of the positional meanings. You can also use this tarot spread during the Autumnal Equinox if you are down under or if you come across this tarot spread in the autumn.

The day after the 2023 Spring Equinox, there is a New Moon in Aries. So you may also want to check out this New Moon in Aries Tarot Spread.

The Needs of the Lunar Self

The lunar self represents your wild and intuitive self. This part of you is best nurtured via the imagination and the subconscious mind. It corresponds with the right hemisphere of the brain.

The card showing up here will guide you on how to nurture your creativity and allow your wild self to come out to play as the days grow longer.

Perhaps you have cocooned yourself during the winter months and allowed some creative ideas to sprout. In that case, this card might show you what your next creative step needs to be.

The Needs of the Solar Self

The solar self represents your organised, self-aware and analytical/rational self. This part is best nurtured through creating structure and useful habits that further goals you are already aware of. It corresponds with the left hemisphere of the brain.

The card showing up here will reveal a useful action step that you can implement on a daily, weekly or monthly basis during the summer half of the year.

Be open to the possibility that the solar self is ready to spring into action more now that the days grow longer. However, if that is not the case, give yourself the same level of acceptance you would afford your best friend. Not everybody is automatically ready to spring into action just because the days are longer.

The Most Loving Way to Harmonise These Two Selves

A model for how to harmonise these two selves can be found in the Temperance card. Fire represents the solar self and the Element of Water is the lunar self. We need to be gentle and patient with ourselves in this process which is a lifelong process but which requires special attention at certain points in the Wheel of the Year.

If the Temperance card itself shows up in this position, you simply need to observe and follow the guidance in the paragraph above. Any other card will give you a more specific action step you can take. Pay attention to the suit Element. Wands and Swords are more yang (solar) and Cups and Pentacles are more yin (lunar), for instance.

Journal what you learn from the Equinox Recalibration Tarot Spread. Meditate on your findings in stillness for a while… Perhaps a vision for the summer (or winter if you are down under) half of the year will arise while you do so. Or maybe this will happen later on while you are sleeping and dreaming. Either way, I wish you a beautiful Equinox wherever in the world you are!


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