libra full moon heart coherence tarot spread

Libra Full Moon Heart Coherence Tarot Spread & Simple Practice

Libra Full Moon Heart Coherence Tarot Spread

Libra Full Moon Heart Coherence Tarot Spread

I suggest using both a Tarot deck and an Angel oracle deck for this Full Moon in Libra Heart Coherence Tarot Spread. Use the Angel Oracle card for position 7 in the layout.

1. What energy needs clearing from my heart chakra (any past trauma or emotional wounding)

2. What my heart needs for itself (self-care, nurturing your inner child, etc)

3. What my heart needs to give others/the world (how to be of service)

4. What obsessive thoughts or worries I need to release

5. A challenge or helpful influence for aligning my mind with my heart

6. Where to direct my heart chakra energy for healing, awakening and unity consciousness

7. Further angelic guidance and insight (use an angel oracle card in this position)

The Libra Full Moon

2 of Swords, Moon in Libra

Libra energy is all about relating and relationship harmony, not just between ourselves and other people but also between our hearts and minds. In the Tarot, the 2 of Swords, a card signifying a need to align the mind with the heart, is the corresponding card for Moon in Libra.

The Full Moon is a time of release and taking stock of the intentions we set on the New Moon. During the Full Moon in Libra, we look at where we are with regards to any intentions we set on the Spring Equinox (start of Aries season). Aries is about individual will, self-expression and taking action. The Full Moon in Libra helps us balance this fiery energy by taking into account what the world around us needs from us.

Heart Coherence Exercise

Heart coherence is an amazing tool for humanity to use in these difficult times. There are forces that are striving to divide us; Heart coherence unites us. It’s literally the secret superpower we didn’t know we had!

You could view heart coherence as a form of prayer. I absolutely believe in the power of prayer. It is more needed than ever. However, I was never one for many words in prayer which makes Heart Coherence a perfect match for me. It’s about aligning with Source and then breathing that energy of love, gratitude, abundance, etc. through the heart, directing it where it’s most needed. It’s a heart-expanding experience that stays with you for hours after you complete the simple 4-step exercise below.

Four Simple Steps for Heart Coherence

  1. Place a hand over your heart to focus your attention there
  2. Slow down your breathing and begin to breathe in and out through the heart. Breathe smoothly, making sure the inhale and exhale are of equal length and about 5 seconds each. Do this until you feel calm
  3. Connect with a memory/feeling that raises your vibration. (I choose a memory of a miracle healing but it can be anything that has a heart-expanding effect, such as playing with your pet or holding your child for the first time)
  4. Your mind is now aligned with the much more powerful energy of your heart and you can begin directing the energy to where it is needed. For instance, you can send it to the police while people are exercising their right to peaceful protests. Or to our government leaders so they can align with what is right rather than self-serving. You can also use this energy with a healing intent to send distant healing to someone who needs it. Your own imagination is the limit for what you can use this energy for!

Conscious Co-creation with Heart Coherence this Libra Full Moon

This heart coherence exercise becomes exponentially more powerful when we join together with others who have the same intent. I suggest setting the intent for global awakening to unity consciousness on this Full Moon in Libra (28 March). Intend to connect with others who meditate at the same time, 5 PM UK time.

I recently joined a lovely group on Facebook that uses heart coherence for weekly joint goal-setting. Check out the Conscious Creators Unify group under the leadership of Karen Richardson. This group was exactly what I had been looking for and I felt very blessed to receive an invitation to join it. I hope you will join us if you believe in our power to co-create a better tomorrow through vertical and horizontal alignment in love.

Heart Coherence and the Cupbearers

I recently wrote an article about the Cupbearers who I feel are those of us who are here to usher in the Age of the Holy Spirit. I believe heart coherence is the form of prayer that Cupbearers have the strongest affinity with. Learn more about the Cupbearers HERE. Heart coherence is the Magdalene prayer of the Divine Feminine.

love raven liora

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