A Spring Equinox Tarot Spread

The Daffodil Tarot Spread for Ostara Spring Equinox

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.
– William Wordsworth

Can you believe it’s officially spring?! The daffodil in the Tarot spread picture above is one I spotted when walking the dog about a week ago. I believe it was the first one of the season (for me at least) and it looked so joyful in the sun, almost as if it was posing and begging to be photographed. Luckily I had my smartphone with me!

Daffodils are associated with joy, creativity, optimism and good fortune in most cultures. I can only hope I was the first one to spot the blooming daff around here because according to Welsh folk lore that means I’ll have ‘more gold than silver in the year ahead.’

The Latin name for daffodil is ‘narcissus’ – possibly inspired by the fact that they often grow close to bodies of water and that they seem to be gazing at themselves because their heads are turned toward their reflection.

For this Tarot spread, I want to focus on what is being born in your life right now, what inspires this birth (underlying factors, motivating urge) and how you can nurture it into existence, not just for yourself but for the world to enjoy it too.

The equinoxes are a time for balancing and re-calibration in Wheel of the Year, so I have also included two spread positions to help with that.

Here is my sample reading with the Frideborg Tarot:
1. What is being born or renewed – My ability to enjoy time in meditation/silence (4 of Swords/Jupiter in Libra)
2. What inspires this new birth – My spiritual calling and my ambition to perfect my work (The High Priestess/The Moon)
3. How can I joyfully nurture this new creation – Be as ambitious as you like (The Devil/Capricorn)
4. How can I present it to the world – Haha! Very funny, Tarot genie! I get a ‘present’ card for presenting it to the world. Kind of self-explanatory, so yeah… Share what comes through in meditation for the Highest Good of All. (6 of Pentacles/Moon in Taurus)
5. What do I need to do less of for balance – Channel energy into past regrets (5 of Cups/Mars in Scorpio)
6. What do I need to do more of for balance – Allow myself to be still so that heart and mind can align fully before I move (2 of Swords/Moon in Libra)

Hmmm… There are a lot of Lunar and Venusian (Libra/Taurus) influences here… Well, I shall take the advice of the reading itself and meditate further on this!

I’m sending Equinox blessings to all of you and Mabon Blessings to my friends down under!

love raven liora

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  1. I did the Spring Equinox spread. This is what I got and my interpretation.

    What is being born or renewed? (Ace of Cups reversed). I feel stuck and stuff my emotions. This card represents a renewal of becoming unstuck and productive and feeling, acknowledging my emotions and dealing with them instead of stuffing them.

    What is inspiring this new birth? (Nine of Swords). I’m living in my mind and overthinking. My world is a nightmare because of this.

    How can I joyfully nurture this new creation? (Hierophant reversed). Get out of the box and don’t worry about conventional ways of doing things. Be courageous enough to step outside of the limited belief system of others.

    How can I present it to the world? (Four of Swords). Take time to rest my mind and body, meditate and pray, and listen for answers and ideas from my higher power and manifest them in my daily life.

    What do I need to do less of for balance? (Two of Swords). Get out of my head, look at the world and my life from a heart perspective as I uncross my arms from in front of my heart. And finally quit being indecisive and make real choices in my life.

    What do I need to do more of for balance? (Two of Pentacles). Quit multitasking. The man on the card is looking at one pentacle. I need to focus on one thing until I’m proficient at it and set a schedule to do other things daily without interrupting what my main focus and goal is.

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