aries new moon solar eclipse tarot spread

New Moon in Aries Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread

aries new moon solar eclipse tarot spread

Happy Mercury Rx, Angelorum fam! We have many quite intense influences going on in the skies during the current Aries Season. However, our focus today is on the upcoming New Moon in Aries Eclipse. It is, as always on a New Moon, a solar eclipse. In parts of America, this eclipse will be total and visible in the sky since it’s happening during the day. I’m sharing a four-card Tarot spread to help you make the most of this event but first, let’s take a look at what this phenomenon is from an astronomical as well as an astrological point of view.

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The Astronomical Phenomenon of a Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun, temporarily obscuring the Sun’s visibility from a viewer’s standpoint on Earth. This alignment can only happen during the New Moon phase when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction as seen from Earth. In the precise moment of alignment, the Moon casts a shadow onto Earth.

There are three types of solar eclipses: total, partial, and annular. A total eclipse is observable when the apparent size of the Moon is large enough to cover the Sun completely, leading to a dramatic dimming of the sky and a temporary nighttime appearance. During a partial eclipse, only a portion of the Sun is obscured by the Moon. An annular eclipse happens when the Moon is too far from Earth to completely cover the Sun, resulting in a ring of sunlight being visible around the Moon’s silhouette.

The April 2024 solar eclipse is partial in the UK, taking place in the evening.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

From an astrological standpoint, a New Moon represents beginnings and initiations, and when combined with the intense energies of a solar eclipse, these themes are amplified. Aries, being the first sign of the zodiac and associated with assertiveness, pioneering spirit, and leadership, emphasises these traits during an Aries solar eclipse. The alignment is a potent time for setting intentions, starting new projects, or taking bold steps towards personal goals. The fiery Aries influence adds a layer of impetus and courage, urging individuals to act decisively and with confidence.

The Astrological Impact and Potential

The New Moon solar eclipse in Aries is a pivotal moment, laden with opportunities for transformation and renewal on a personal level. It’s a cosmic push to confront challenges head-on, break through obstacles, and forge a path with audacity and initiative. This is a time when we might feel more inclined to assert our identities, pursue independence or embark on new ventures that require bravery and resilience. As the New Moon heralds a cycle of growth, the solar eclipse’s alignment in Aries symbolically sets the stage for a period of energetic and determined pursuit of ambitions. The influence of an eclipse typically lasts for around six months.

New Moon in Aries Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread

the new moon in aries eclipse tarot spread
  1. Aries Fire: Your Current Spark

    • What is igniting your passion and drive right now? This card represents your current source of energy and inspiration.
  2. New Beginnings: Embracing the New

    • This card highlights the fresh opportunities or perspectives that are emerging for you. What is the universe guiding you to start?
  3. Eclipse Transformation: Shedding the Old

    • Identify what you are ready to let go of. This card symbolises the old habits, thoughts, or situations that the eclipse is helping you to release.
  4. Courageous Step: Action Required

    • This represents the bold action you need to take to manifest your intentions. What decisive step can you commit to, in alignment with Aries’ assertive energy?

As you interpret these cards, keep in mind the fiery and groundbreaking nature of Aries, and let the eclipse reveal not just where you can initiate change, but also where you can be brave enough to step forward into the new chapter waiting for you.

Sample New Moon in Aries Eclipse Tarot Reading

1. Aries Fire: Your Current Spark – 10 of Wands

The 10 of Wands suggests you’re currently experiencing a significant amount of responsibility and burden. Your passion and drive are ignited by the acknowledgement of these challenges. Although you may feel overwhelmed, recognise that your strong effort is the kindling for the forthcoming change. You are being fueled by your determination and the necessity to persevere through tough situations.

2. New Beginnings: Embracing the New – 9 of Pentacles

The 9 of Pentacles shines a light on self-sufficiency and abundance that are blossoming in your life. New opportunities are coming your way, aligning with financial and personal achievements. The universe is guiding you towards embracing independence and reaping the rewards of your hard work. There’s an encouragement to enjoy your own company and the fruits of your labor, as a tranquil period of personal satisfaction lies ahead.

3. Eclipse Transformation: Shedding the Old – The Lovers

The Lovers card calls for important decisions concerning personal relationships and values. It implies that the eclipse’s transformative energy is highlighting the need to assess your choices. You are at a crossroads, ready to release old patterns in how you connect and commit to others. Perhaps it’s about letting go of an outdated belief about love or choosing a path more true to your personal values and desires. This alignment can serve as a catalyst for you to follow your heart and what you genuinely treasure in connections.

4. Courageous Step: Action Required – 8 of Cups

Finally, the 8 of Cups symbolises the courageous step that you must take—to move on. Despite your emotional investment in the current situation, the card is urging you to leave behind that which no longer serves your higher purpose. Seek deeper meaning and greater fulfilment by moving forward. There may be sadness in this departure, but it’s a necessary venture towards self-discovery and alignment with your true path.

This New Moon in Aries Eclipse Tarot Reading speaks to the deep inner work you’ve undertaken and the strides you’re ready to take into the future. Keep tapping into the assertive Aries energy to make brave choices towards your personal growth and liberation.

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