New Moon in Pisces Tarot Spread

New Moon in Pisces Tarot Spread

Sample Reading

New Moon in Pisces Sample reading with the Shadowscapes Tarot deck
Shadowscapes Tarot

1. Where my imagination is currently taking mePage of Wands: I’m toying with a few ideas, all of which I’m passionate about but finding it hard to commit to any of them.

2. Where I need to focus my mind in order to successfully manifest my dreamThe Hanged Man: I need to sacrifice the joyful feeling of all possibilities being open to me in order to find my focus. I need to focus on the deepest, most meaningful idea.

3. My dreamThe Tower: I want to have a massive impact in service to the Divine. Shock waves of awakening… Why settle for less? La Maison Dieu indeed!

4. Current challenge I am facingThe High Priestess: My energy levels wax and wane with my emotions. I’m afraid to own my power in my capacity of Priestess. Who am I…? I’m receptive but perhaps a bit too receptive, too watery.

5. Creative solution for this challengeQueen of Wands: Trying on the persona of the Queen of Wands will certainly help me become more balanced, more proactive and also to have more faith in myself and my abilities.

6. Support to draw on from the world around meQueen of Swords: I’m blessed with the support of several intellectually astute females (some of which are published authors) who wish me well and want to see me succeed in fulfilling my dream.

7. Divine support to draw on10 of Wands: I need to remind myself that the Divine lends me strength when the going gets tough. If I’m guided to start a creative venture, I will be guided and support all the way unto its completion.

8. Where I need to focus my actions over the next couple of weeks (waxing phase) – Ace of Cups: I need to focus on filling the cup of divine inspiration until it overflows. If I make that my main task, the rest will flow and follow…

Blessed be!

Lisa Frideborg

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