Russel Brand's Baptism AI generated

Russel Brand Christianity Conversion in Times of Chaos (with Tarot Spread)

Russel Brand's Baptism AI generated

As some of you may be aware, Russel Brand recently converted to Christianity. I have seen a few videos where he talks about his journey, including the one about his full immersion baptism. I have also seen him promote the Catholic Hallow app, an app I used myself when I was clinging to the last vestiges of my past Catholicism.

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That said, I don’t know if Russel going down the path of becoming a Catholic or what denomination he’s currently part of (if any) but I like listening to him. I genuinely find him a likeable and in many ways likeminded individual. He is constantly and transparently in pursuit of truth and liberation. He successfully beat a heroin addiction and has been a great inspiration to others when it comes to freedom from addictions of all kinds.

When I first started checking out some of his videos back in 2020, he was on a spiritual-not-religious path. I remember one video he made about creating a simple altar as a focal point for a daily meditation practice, for instance.

But this article (and Tarot spread) isn’t as much about Russel Brand as it is about the times we live in, the feeling of uncertainty that is so all-pervasive and the quest for something solid to hold onto.

Embracing Chaos

Chaos is hard. It’s adversarial. It’s the opposite of the peace and order of the Divine, right? Wrong. Chaos is as much a part of the Divine as peace, love and justice. There are times when chaos is necessary to pave the way for something new. This happens every time an outdated paradigm moves closer to its best-before-date. It happens because it has to happen. As much as many New Agers like to talk about seamlessly ‘jumping timelines,’ that is just not how change happens.

Change happens by things first breaking down. It’s never comfortable and in the Tarot, this transition is represented by the dreaded Tower card (incidentally the card of the day and the inspiration, together with the Russel Brand story, for this article).

In 2020, the process of breakdown began on a global scale. This is something that Astrologers and other mantic art practitioners had been aware of and trying to give the rest of us a heads up on for years before it actually hit. In my own life, there was an awareness that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 2020 would bring a massive and difficult shift but I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Nor did I embrace change; I resisted it with all I had, even to the point of reverting back to the dogmatic fundamentalist Christianity of my youth.

And, as we know, what we resist persists. Turbulent times become more turbulent and for longer when we try to anchor into what worked in the past instead of flowing with the changes. Maybe Russel Brand just got tired. There could have been too many dramatic changes over too long a period of time and he just needed to rest in some kind of certainty. I totally understand if that is the case.

It’s Okay to Not be Okay

One of the main takeaways I took from my Religious Trauma episodes in 2020 and late 2023 to early 2023 is that it’s okay to not be okay. If I had allowed myself to be vulnerable and sit with the discomfort of not knowing, I wouldn’t have fallen prey to predatory religion nor have RTS ruin my life and business.

Now, hear me out on this. I’m not saying that all religion is predatory but there is an inherent type of programming in many types of religion that attaches itself to our fear of change and uncertainty. It promises salvation and safety. All we have to do to access it is to abandon the truth of our hearts (which is labelled ‘evil’ in the Bible) and replace it with dogma and theology interpreted by the ‘experts.’

In times when we find it difficult to tap into the truth of our hearts because of the whirlpool of lies in the media etc, we can easily get caught up in salvationist paradigms that allow us to belong to a group in possession of THE Truth™. Even just the belonging to a group itself can have such an instantly and dramatically soothing effect that we willingly gape and allow ourselves to be spoon-fed with the concomitant programming.

Cognitive Dissonance

Even cognitive dissonance is easier to cope with than the fear of the unknown, right? So learning that our loved ones are going to hell for not believing in THE Truth™ becomes a small price to pay. We justify it by telling ourselves it’s their choice. We learn to see logic where there isn’t any: A supposedly loving God demands a human sacrifice to reconcile his creation to himself. And (literally) to hell with anyone who doesn’t accept this sacrifice along with the fact that they were born so inherently evil that only a blood sacrifice could redeem them.

Not Just Religion

But it’s just not religion that has a stronger pull in times of chaos. Anything that provides us with a strong sense of identity and belonging will do the same. To some it may be politics and to other some social justice cause. Even a way of eating can form the foundation of someone’s identity. Veganism springs to mind as a movement that provides people with an identity based on both social justice and a way of eating. Incidentally, Russel Brand is a vegan. I wonder if he will keep his way of eating up now that he has converted to Christianity or if it will become less important to him.

A Solid Foundation of Identity from Within

By far, the most identity-affirming spiritual practice I have engaged in is reciting the heart mantra aka the Sekhem Principles I learned when studying Sekhmet Reiki:

The Sekhem Principles

  • Enok Rekh Ab – I know my heart
  • Enok Nufer Ab – I have a beautiful heart
  • Enok Nufer Ba – I have a beautiful soul
  • Enok Nufer Seshen – I am a beautiful lotus flower
  • Enok Waeyb M Seshen – I am pure like a lotus flower
  • Enok Ba Akhu – I am a bright soul
  • Enok Meri Neb – I love everything
  • Enok Ankh M Hotep – I live in peace
  • Enok Sejem Het-Heru – I follow the guidance of love, Hathor
  • Enok Sejem Aset – I follow the guidance of wisdom, Isis

Learning to see the heart as good, pure and beautiful rather than a source of evil in my life has been a total game changer. This resonates on a much deeper level than any religious dogma I was taught and with zero cognitive dissonance.

The Solid Foundation in Times of Chaos Tarot Spread


In times of chaos and uncertainty, maintaining a solid foundation internally is crucial for navigating through life without succumbing to cognitive dissonance or adopting rigid belief systems. This Tarot spread, inspired by the news about Russel Brand, can help you tap into your inner resilience and stability, guiding you toward peace and clarity.

the solid foundation in times of chaos tarot spread

Card Positions

1. Current Ground

Represents where you currently stand. This card reveals your present emotional, spiritual, or mental state that serves as your starting point.

2. Source of Chaos

Identifies the main source or nature of the turmoil or confusion that is affecting you. Understanding this can help you address the root cause.

3. Inner Truth

Reflects the truth in your heart that you need to acknowledge. This card guides you to what is genuinely important and consistent to your spirit.

4. Barrier to Peace

Highlights the obstacles or fears that block you from achieving peace. Understanding these barriers can help you find ways to overcome them.

5. Path to Stability

Suggests actionable steps or attitudes to adopt that can lead to a more stable and centred life during chaotic times.

6. Guidance from the Divine

Offers a message or insight from a higher spiritual perspective or your subconscious, aiding in deeper understanding and spiritual growth.

7. Outcome

Provides a probable outcome based on your willingness to embrace and integrate the insights from this spread into your life.

How to Use This Spread

  • Setting the intention: Before shuffling your tarot cards, set your intention to receive clear and helpful guidance from your Higher Self/Source for building a solid foundation amidst chaos.
  • Focus and reflect: As you lay down each card, take a moment to reflect on its meaning and how it relates to your life. Journaling your thoughts can be particularly insightful.
  • Integration: After the reading, consider ways you can integrate the guidance into your daily life. This might include meditation, revising personal goals, or seeking further spiritual guidance.

Sample Solid Foundation in Times of Chaos Tarot Reading

russel brand inspired tarot spread sample reading with the crow tarot
The Crow Tarot (affiliate link)

1. Current Ground – Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands suggests that your current state is one of enthusiasm and adventure. You’re likely feeling energetic and driven, eager to pursue new ideas and projects. This card indicates a strong desire to express your passions and follow your impulses, which can bring both inspiration and impulsivity.

2. Source of Chaos – Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups as the source of chaos might point to emotional turmoil or sensitivity influencing your current situation. This card suggests that emotions or relationships are deeply affecting your peace of mind, possibly leading to confusion or instability. It might also indicate emotional dependency or an overwhelming concern for others, which is contributing to the chaos around you.

3. Inner Truth – 5 of Wands

The 5 of Wands reveals a conflict within. Your inner truth is currently a battleground of conflicting ideas or desires, potentially leading to internal strife. This card suggests that part of you relishes the challenge and competition, but it might also be causing unrest that keeps you from cohesive direction and peace.

4. Barrier to Peace – The Emperor

The Emperor as a barrier indicates that an overly rigid structure, control, or authority is obstructing your peace. This might come from external sources, such as a controlling figure, or internally, from your own need for control and certainty. This authoritarian approach is preventing you from adapting fluidly to the ongoing changes and could be causing tension.

5. Path to Stability – 9 of Wands

The 9 of Wands offers a path to stability through perseverance and resilience. This card encourages you to prepare for any challenges but to stand your ground steadfastly. It represents a call to not give up in the face of adversity and to protect what you’ve already achieved. Resilience and determination will guide you to a more stable state.

6. Guidance from the Divine – Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords advises clarity and honest communication. This card tells you to cut through confusion with intellect and objectivity. Embrace truthfulness and transparency in your interactions, and use your insight and understanding to navigate chaos. This clarity will aid in overcoming emotional and mental clutter.

7. Outcome – The Star

The Star as the outcome promises hope, renewal, and spiritual peace. This card suggests that following this path will lead you to a sense of calm and a rejuvenated spirit, offering healing after turmoil. There’s a reassurance here that you’re on the right path towards a bright, hopeful future where you can align more closely with your Higher Self.

Ultimately, each journey is unique to the individual. There is no right or wrong way to navigate through life when we do our best and are willing to learn from everything. If Russel Brand has found a solid foundation in his new faith, then that is certainly true and right for him, at least for this part of the journey. Personally, I’m relieved to find that the decision of Russel Brand to convert to something I decided to leave behind is not triggering more Religious Trauma. This means that I’m doing something right on the path I’m currently on.

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