the ancestral collective tarot spread

The Ancestral Collective Tarot Spread

Sámi ancestral collective

My Sámi Ancestral Collective

A couple of years ago, while doing weekly mediumship training, I had an unusual experience. I was lying in bed shortly after waking when, all of a sudden, I started seeing geometric shapes of light flashing before my eyes. Then I heard the word ‘saivo’ repeated several times. Finally, I heard the voice of a man say, ‘We are always with you.’ It turns out, I had received a message from my ancestral collective.

Having no clue what ‘saivo’ meant or who ‘we’ were, I went online to Google the term. Apparently, saivo is the Sámi word for where the place ancestors go when they cross over. This made me very excited at the time but it also freaked me out. I felt like my Sámi ancestors were watching me and as if I couldn’t possibly live up to their expectations.

Having such a negative response to something so positive (my ancestors seeking to show their support) only makes sense if you take into account that I was raised in a CPTSD-engendering environment. When you grow up with abandonment and physical/emotional abuse, you find it hard to trust that anybody (perhaps especially relatives) would have your best interests at heart.

Healing from Trauma and Accepting Support

It has actually taken me almost two years to come to terms with the visitation and to now view it in an entirely positive light. Last year’s Dark Night of the Soul was part of this journey for me. During that journey, I felt a need to totally stop my mediumship training. It was just too much for me. I also regressed to the point of falling back into a fundamentalist Christian view of the world. As the world became increasingly more polarised and evil truly began to reveal itself, this was the only way I could begin to make sense of what was happening.

Gradually, and within about six months, I was able to make my way back into the light of reason. On the outside, very little had changed. The world is still as polarised as it was during those six months of my Dark Night–it just doesn’t appear as threatening any longer. Most of the triggers are no longer active. And now I am ready to seek the loving support of my shamanic ancestral collective that so graciously reached out to me. The Ancestral Collective Tarot Spread below is inspired by them and the healing they brought.

Use it to connect with the group of ancestors you feel closest to or ask them to reveal which collective wishes to speak with you. For instance, you could have ancestral roots in more than one culture but have an affinity for one above the other(s). This is a sign that this is the collective you have the most soul group members who want to work with you.

Check out this guide on how to get started on working with your ancestors!

‘In my Father’s mansion, there are many rooms.’


The Ancestral Collective Tarot Spread

This is an ideal divinatory operation to perform at Samhain/All Hallows Eve.

the ancestral collective tarot spread

Though this is originally a Tarot spread, it can be used with any type of oracle that speaks to you. You may enjoy choosing a divinatory tool also used by and familiar to your ancestors but the most important aspect is that you know the tool well. It’s important to not be too dependent on standard divinatory meanings. Start your reading by creating Sacred Space by lighting a candle and welcoming the ancestral collective. Ask them to reveal deeper meanings and finer points in the layout. They will be more than willing to do so since they are waiting eagerly for you to connect.

Write it all down

Write everything that comes through down. And don’t forgive to give thanks when you feel the message is complete.

After an initial reading with this Tarot spread, you can use the first and final groupings only to gain continuous guidance for your path and mission in this lifetime.

When I did the reading below with this spread for myself (with the Muse Tarot), I felt guided to add three runes in the centre of the spread. This is just an optional add-on. 12 cards can be quite enough on their own. Honestly, this is one of the most powerful readings I have done for myself. I do feel very supported by my ancestors after this reading. I hope you get to experience this too!

a reading with the ancestral collective tarot spread, the muse tarot and the runes

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