oath-taking tarot spread

The Oath-Taking Tarot Spread

oath-taking tarot spread

Today we have a rare cazimi with not just one but two planets joining the Sun at 9 degrees of Pisces. The astrological term cazimi means ‘in the heart of.’ According to Chani Nichols, this cazimi represents an oath-making moment. I feel this is worthy of a Tarot Spread. So the Oath-Taking Tarot Spread I’m sharing today is inspired by the main corresponding Tarot players in today’s cazimi: The Moon (Pisces), The Sun (the Sun), The Magician (Mercury) and The World (Saturn).

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The cazimi is a moment of potency where the planets involved are strengthened by their union with the Sun’s powerful radiance. The planets are imbued with clarity and pure solar essence, enhancing their influence and revitalising them. During a cazimi, any planet passing through this heart of the Sun is therefore in a position of prominence and empowerment.

Taking oaths and making vows is not something we should take lightly. It’s also not usually something we should do on the spur of the moment. However, today is a special day and we can rely on the Tarot to tell us if we are ready for it. Oaths to honour ourselves and our life purpose are generally the most beneficial. We need to make sure that we can honour them. Making an oath and then allowing our promise to lapse has a very detrimental impact on the deep mind. This is why it’s important to ensure we are ready to commit before taking the oath.

Definition of an Oath

An oath is a solemn promise, often invoking a divine witness, regarding one’s future action or behaviour. It is a binding commitment that holds significant importance and weight, representing a personal or public declaration to perform a specific act or uphold a particular principle. Taking an oath is an act of dedication that typically implies a moral obligation to stand by one’s words, suggesting seriousness and a high degree of responsibility towards the pledged action or ethic.

When an oath is taken the mind is more attentive, for it guards against two things: the reproach of friends and offence against the gods.

The Oath-Taking Tarot Spread

This oath-taking spread can be performed any time you consider taking an oath. Begin by performing some kind of yes/no divination. For this, you might simply flip a coin or use a pendulum. There are also yes/no type Tarot spreads you can use. If you get a yes from Spirit that you are ready to take an oath, you may proceed with the spread below.

the oath-taking tarot spread
  1. Area of my life that my oath concerns
  2. What do I need to surrender before taking the oath? (Moon/Pisces)
  3. What I need to empower/strengthen with my oath (Sun)
  4. The magical words/tools to use (Magician/Mercury)
  5. Karmic impact (The World/Saturn)

As you might have guessed, the final card allows you to double-check if this oath-making will benefit you in the longer term. If the karmic impact looks negative/dire, I recommend leaving it to another time.

Sample Reading with the Tarot de la Santa Muerte

oath-taking tarot spread sample reading with the tarot de la santa muerte
Tarot de la Santa Muerte

1. Area of my life that my oath concerns: King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles suggests that your oath is connected to the realm of material success, stability, and the practical aspects of life. He invites you to consider commitments related to your career, financial goals, or the nurturing of a project. This can be about ensuring security for yourself and your loved ones or making progress in business affairs. The King asks you to bring forward your inner leader and steward to shape a prosperous future.

2. What do I need to surrender before taking the oath?: Queen of Wands

To embark on this oath, the Queen of Wands advises that you let go of the fear of losing your passion and creativity in pursuit of material success. There’s perhaps a tendency to be overprotective of your independence or to assert control in situations where collaboration might be necessary. Surrender any need for constant admiration or recognition, and focus on the humble journey towards your goals. Let go of ego-driven desires to ensure your intention is pure.

3. What I need to empower/strengthen with my oath: Judgement

The Judgement card signifies a strong call to rise to a higher level of consciousness and purpose. Strengthening Judgement energy in your life with your oath means welcoming transformation and renewal. It’s about shedding the old and making space for the new. The oath should act as a catalyst for self-evaluation and growth, asking you to awaken to your higher calling and to make choices aligned with your true potential and soul purpose.

4. The magical words/tools to use: 3 of Wands

The 3 of Wands speaks of foresight, ventures into the unknown, and expansion. Your magical words should reflect the anticipation of future success and the broadening of your horizons. Invoke courage to venture beyond familiar territory:

“With faith and trust I pledge this oath,
To realise expansion and growth.
I aim to take more risks and thrive,
Toward this goal, I daily strive.”

A ritual could involve facing the direction of your intended path and visualising the unfolding journey as you speak your oath. Use symbols related to travel and adventure. Incorporate the Element of Fire for Wands.

5. Karmic impact (The World/Saturn): 3 of Pentacles

The 3 of Pentacles as a karmic impact suggests that your oath-taking will lay the foundations for future collaborative efforts and achievements. You are poised to build something of lasting value. The card highlights the importance of teamwork and the recognition of shared goals. The commitment you make today will lead to learning new skills, honing your craft, and creating quality work. It reinforces the message that your oath should not only benefit you personally but should also contribute positively to the collective.

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