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No. 1 Tip for Intuitive Yes-No Tarot Readings

yes no tarot readings

In the past, we have covered different techniques for doing yes/no Tarot readings. I have, for instance, shared a Planetary yes-no type Tarot spread and a technique involving a coin flip and cards. In today’s post, I want to share my top tip for the method that most directly taps your own intuition.

Your Yes / No Cards in the Major Arcana

Look through your Tarot deck and pick out the one Major Arcana card that shouts ‘Yes!’ louder than any other Major. Do the same for your ‘No!’ card. These two cards are Destiny’s Door cards. The ‘Yes!’ card means that the Universe supports this option and the ‘No!’ card means that the Powers That Be are slamming the door shut.

Things aren’t always that black and white though, as we all know. For your third Major Arcana card, I want you to look for a card that suggests that either option is possible, depending on your own ability to rise to the occasion.

Below is my selection for the Majors. We have The Sun for ‘Yes!,’ Death for ‘No!’ and The Lovers for ‘It depends.’

Lo Scarabeo Pamela Colman Smith Tarot

How to Read with Your Destiny’s Door Cards

The way to read for a yes / no answer once you have selected these three cards is to shuffle all 78 cards while focusing on your question. Cut as usual and start picking cards off the top of the deck until you get to the first of these three cards. This is your answer. 

Look at the two cards on either side of your answer for more information about why (to the left) and what to consider as you move forward (to the right). 

What About Yes / No Cards in the Minor Arcana?

You can go through a similar process with the Minors. Make three piles. One for the Minors that shout ‘Yes!,’ one for the ‘No!’ cards and a third pile for the cards that are a ‘Meh’ or ‘Maybe.’

Do try to memorise which cards belong in each pile. That way you can easily see if you have a majority of yes or no cards in any given reading, no matter what type of Tarot spread you use.

Below is my choice for the Minor Arcana – Yours may be entirely different and that is totally OK!

Custom tailor your intuitive yes / no Tarot readings with this top tip!

Lo Scarabeo Pamela Colman Smith Tarot

Mixing Major and Minor Arcana Yes / No Cards for a Quick Answer

You can also pick the three cards that stand out the most as ‘Yes!,’ ‘No!’ and ‘Maybe’ and do a similar reading to the Destiny’s Door reading above. Again, you would read with a full deck. Pulling cards from the top, you would allow either a Minor or a Major Arcana card to answer your question.

The difference if a Minor answers your question is that you have much more of an ability to influence the outcome, whereas the Majors bring you to Destiny’s Door. 

Of course, it is possible that the two cards to the right contain one of the chosen Major Arcana cards… Then what? The answer is still the Major Arcana card and the Major Arcana card is not to be read as a yes / no type card but for more depth about the spiritual lesson associated with your quest.

Comment below with your chosen cards for these types of readings and don’t forget to give this post a share if you found it helpful!

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  1. Hey Lisa, i just finished doing this and i love it. It allows me to be vveerryyy objective lol. I’ve asked a few questions and on one question my shadow card turned out to be my “No” card. In this instance, would it be more accurate to read this as a no to the question since it just so happens to be the first card that came up after shuffling and without having to go through the deck?

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  2. This is a different way but looks interesting. I have always used the 4 aces as yes and everything else as undecided. It has worked for me and often been undecided when I was fishing way too early for a concrete answer.

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