The Ophiuchus Full Moon Tarot Spread

ophiuchus full moon

We’re continuing our exploration of Ophiuchus in relation to the Full Moon in today’s post that includes an Ophiuchus Full Moon Tarot Spread. Earlier we learned that Ophiuchus is the 13th Sign located between Scorpio and Sagittarius along the ecliptic. We also learned that True Sidereal Astrology includes this sign in a chart reading. Finally, we looked at Tarot correspondences for Ophiuchus.

The Full Moon in Ophiuchus carries a unique and transformative energy that resonates deeply with themes of healing, rebirth, and enlightenment. Ophiuchus is associated with the the serpent wisdom keepers and master healers, symbolising profound wisdom and the ability to transcend beyond the ordinary.

Key Themes of the Ophiuchus Full Moon

  1. Healing and Transformation:
    • This Full Moon encourages introspection and illuminates areas in our lives that need healing. It’s an auspicious time to let go of past wounds, release negative patterns, and embrace renewal.
  2. Wisdom and Knowledge:
    • Ophiuchus is linked with esoteric knowledge and deep understanding. The Full Moon under this sign may enhance our intuition and offer revelations that guide us towards personal growth.
  3. Spiritual Awakening:
    • With its transformative energy, the Ophiuchus Full Moon can be a catalyst for spiritual awakening. It urges us to align with our higher selves and pursue our soul’s true purpose.
  4. Embracing Change:
    • The energy of Ophiuchus supports breaking free from old constraints and welcoming change. It’s a potent time for personal evolution and embracing new beginnings.

Ophiuchus Full Moon Tarot Spread

Ophiuchus Full Moon Tarot Spread
  1. Current State: What is my current spiritual state?
  2. Healing: What areas in my life require healing and attention?
  3. Transformation: What transformation is needed for my personal growth?
  4. Wisdom: What wisdom do I need to embrace at this moment?
  5. Change: What steps should I take to welcome positive change into my life?
  6. Outcome: What is the potential outcome of embracing these insights over the next few weeks?

As you draw each card, reflect on its message and how it pertains to the themes illuminated by the Ophiuchus Full Moon. Don’t forget to journal your findings!

Sample Ophiuchus Full Moon Tarot Reading

ophiuchus full moon sample reading with the incidental tarot
The Incidental Tarot

Before I laid the cards out for this reading, I asked Spirit for a sign. I feel like I’m in the Refiner’s Fire right now (euphemism for really struggling/feeling like I’m at the end of my tether) and I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. The constant spraying of the sky and the sense of helplessness that goes along with it… The lack of sunshine… I could go on but I won’t because I’m here to uplift, not to get you down!

Perhaps you recall from the Ophuichus Tarot Correspondences post that I suggested a Phoenix card correspondence for Ophuichus? Well, the deck I chose for today’s reading, the Incidental Tarot, has a Phoenix card–something I had totally forgotten about since I don’t use this deck very often.

This is what it says about the card meaning for the Phoenix/Tower card on the Incidental Tarot website:

“The Phoenix represents destruction and demise, the necessary upheaval of old and crumbling systems. A trial by fire brings the burning away of falsity and self-destructive ends. Phoenix dares you to unearth the lies, root out false foundations before the Universe does it for you.”

I cannot overstate how seen this makes me feel right now–Thank you, Incidental Tarot!! (Seriously, this is now my new favourite deck.)

1. Current State – The Tower

The Tower card represents a period of significant disruption and upheaval in your life. This could symbolise a dramatic change or a sudden revelation that shakes up your current situation. It’s a reminder that sometimes destruction is necessary to clear out the old and make way for new growth.

2. Healing – The High Priestess

The High Priestess signifies deep intuition and hidden wisdom. For healing, you are encouraged to look inward and trust your inner voice. It’s important to tap into your subconscious mind and pay attention to your dreams and instincts. This card suggests that healing will come from acknowledging and understanding the inner mysteries of your psyche.

3. Transformation – 3 of Pentacles (Oaks)

The 3 of Pentacles in the transformation position indicates collaborative efforts and skilful teamwork. Your personal growth and transformation are likely to be enhanced by working with others and combining complementary skills. This card emphasises the importance of synergy and building something valuable together.

4. Wisdom – The Ace of Cups (Rose Key)

The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of emotional fulfilment and the presence of deep spiritual insight. The wisdom you need to embrace at this moment revolves around opening your heart to new emotional experiences. This card suggests that love, compassion, and emotional renewal are crucial for your journey.

5. Change – 5 of Cups (Roses)

The 5 of Cups suggests a period of mourning, disappointment, or regret. To welcome positive change, you need to focus on what remains rather than what has been lost. This card encourages you to shift your perspective and find hope amidst sorrow. It’s a call to acknowledge your feelings but also to move forward with resilience.

6. Outcome – Knight of Wands (The Archer)

The Knight of Wands is the harbinger of adventure, enthusiasm, and action. As the outcome card, it indicates that embracing the insights from this spread will lead to a period of dynamic and energetic progress. You are likely to feel inspired and ready to pursue your goals with passion and determination.


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