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The TikTok Tarot Spread

tiktok live

So this is a bit of an odd one for me. I’m falling in love with the much-maligned social media platform TikTok. Why? Because of the LIVES. I’m getting such a buzz from connecting with so many wonderful souls all over the world.

We all know TikTok has… well, issues concerning privacy. Yet that is only one of the reasons why I left the platform with little intention of ever returning. However, Facebook has been refusing to show my posts in anybody’s feeds since 2020 and Meta owns Instagram too so the algorithm is what it is. And I need to be where people are and can see me so that I can help them with my gifts.

That’s why, remembering past LIVES on TikTok from three years ago, I decided to return and give it a go. While the algorithm on there doesn’t like my short-form daily card pull videos, it’s loving the LIVE free card pull sessions I have started doing. My lives are promoted and last time, I was joined by thousands of viewers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for fame; I’m looking for genuine connections. Ideally, I wish to connect with the persons who can benefit from the work I do and perhaps on a deeper level than just the quick free Tarot card pulls. Could this be a way for me to grow my presence, get my work out there and help new clients find me? How about asking the Tarot?!

The TikTok Tarot Spread

the tiktok tarot spread
  1. Opportunity or Time-Waster: This card explores whether your venture into TikTok is a genuine opportunity for growth or just a distraction from your path.
  2. Visibility: This card gives insight into how your TikTok presence may affect your visibility online, and whether it will increase your reach.
  3. Client Connection: Reflects on the depth of connections you can potentially build with your audience through TikTok, beyond the fleeting interactions.
  4. Sustainability: Analyses the long-term viability of focusing on TikTok for business growth compared to other platforms.
  5. Overall Outcome: Predicts the overall impact that TikTok will have on your business and personal journey in tarot reading.

TikTok Tarot Spread Sample Reading

tiktok tarot spread sample reading
The Original Rider Waite Tarot

1. Opportunity or Time-Waster: Page of Cups

The Page of Cups is a card of curiosity and creative beginnings. This suggests that your journey on TikTok is not a time-waster but a new opportunity to express yourself creatively. You are starting a phase of exploration, and there’s much to learn from the novel interactions and youthful energy associated with the platform. Embrace this chance to rediscover your passion and use it to fuel your growth.

2. Visibility: 10 of Cups

With the 10 of Cups symbolising emotional fulfilment and joyous relationships, your presence on TikTok appears to have a positive forecast for increasing your visibility online. This card promises success and a sense of community, indicating your live sessions will foster a welcoming space and attract viewers who resonate with your content. It’s a compelling sign of achieving harmony between your message and the audience you wish to reach.

3. Client Connection: Death

The Death card, often misunderstood, signifies transformation and the end of one chapter leading to a new one. In the context of client connections, this suggests that your interactions through TikTok will significantly change the nature of your relationships. This evolution might mean deepening bonds as you transition to more meaningful interactions or perhaps shifting away from shallow connections towards those offering potential for personal and professional growth.

4. Sustainability: King of Cups

The King of Cups is a master of emotions and relationships, and his appearance in your spread points to a stable and mature approach to your TikTok activities. This indicates that you will be able to maintain a balanced and sustainable presence on the platform. You’ll bring empathy and emotional intelligence to your engagements, which is invaluable when building a community and managing a business venture.

5. Overall Outcome: 3 of Cups

A card of celebration, community, and shared joy; the 3 of Cups in your overall outcome position is a very positive sign. It suggests that your effort on TikTok will lead to affirmative experiences and foster a tight-knit community. You’ll share successes and support, creating a circle of clients and friends that celebrate with you. It’s a strong indicator that through TikTok, your work and happiness will be uplifted, further enriching your personal and professional life.

This spread indicates that TikTok could indeed be a meaningful platform for you to connect, grow, and share your tarot expertise with a broader audience. Keep engaging authentically, and let your passion for your work be the guiding force in this endeavour.

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