the timeline split tarot spread

The Timeline Split Tarot Spread

the timeline split and tarot spread

The other day, while resting in bed, I was inspired to do a quick reading (no set Tarot spread) about the timeline split. See the video below for an overview of the reading.

We have a definite split for Earth now, though I’m not sure exactly when (or how) it happened. According to one source, the process began in 2017. I recall a big shake-up happening in 2017 on a personal level and collectively in the spiritual community, with Doreen Virtue choosing to step off the ascension path. It all makes a lot more sense now that I have been able to release judgment about what happened then, including self-judgment.

In my impromptu reading, there is a fixed 3D timeline and a slightly less fixed 5D timeline. It is also clear that more of the Divine Feminine energy is coming in for the 5D timeline. The 5D timeline is what I refer to as the Age of the Holy Spirit. This coincides with the beginning of the Age of Aquarius but the Age of the Holy Spirit is a much longer cycle.

The timeline splitting isn’t about Earth splitting in two. There is still only one Earth but there are two distinctive vibrational realities. The good news is that we get to choose. Or rather, those of us who are willing to leave the Old behind get to choose. Chances are that there are plenty of 11:11 signs from the Angels about if you are ready for New Earth.

As expected for any kind of initiation or birth/rebirth, the birth pains have been and continue to be intense. Gaia is giving birth to a higher vibrational version of Herself. This new higher vibrational reality is overlaying the Old Earth. We continue to walk on Earth physically speaking but simultaneously find ourselves in a higher dimensional state of existence.

Eventually, the lower vibrational state will not be able to sustain itself on Earth. A natural, organic death of the Old will occur.

3D or 5D – What the two timeliness look like in the tarot

In the Tarot reading below, you can see the two timelines that exist now. I didn’t decide which timeline would go where when I laid the cards out. I trusted that Spirit would make it obvious and that is exactly what happened. Do you see it?

Unity vs Separation – Love vs Fear

In this higher dimensional state of Christed consciousness, we have access to non-human entities who support us as we move toward unity and greater spiritual awareness.

The old 3D reality is signified by ignorance and a sense of separation.

Physically, as Gaia transforms into the crystalline version of Herself, our bodies are starting to change as well. However, not everybody who remains on Earth is ready for this level of change. Those who remain in the old will continue to be easily manipulated. Their energy and assets will be harvested by other-dimensional entities.

Those of us who walk in the Light and choose love over fear will not be controlled. This is important to be aware of because choice continues to be present. We may continue to oscillate between 3D and 5D reality until we are ready to make the quantum leap.

This is a natural, organic process that cannot be forced. We release our old ways and habits just as soon as we are ready. But by now, those of us on the 5D timeline are aware that we have made the choice to evolve.

The Timeline Split Tarot Spread

the timeline split tarot spread
  1. The card best representing my vibrational state of being right now
  2. Main challenge in adapting to the higher vibrational timeline
  3. My mission for ancoring the new timeline (how I am called to serve)
  4. Changes in my body as I adapt (ascension symptoms)
  5. The support I have from Spirit (pull an Oracle card with your Tarot card for further insights)
  6. Next step

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