unity higher consciousness love tarot spread

The UNITY Love Tarot Spread

UNITY - A Higher Consciousness Relationship Tarot Spread

On the day of creating this Tarot Spread (11 May 2021), we have a New Moon in Taurus. The Venusian vibes of this lunation lend themselves well to anything to do with love and romance. However, we also need to take into consideration that Uranus is one of the main players at the moment. The reason for this is that we are breaking new ground and preparing the way for the Age of Aquarius. Personally, I prefer to refer to the coming age as the Age of the Holy Spirit.

But it doesn’t really matter what we call the age that is dawning now because the meaning is the same. We are in the process of cultivating unity consciousness. This means that we are learning to see ourselves as connected to all living beings both vertically and horizontally. We understand that when hurt someone else, we hurt ourselves. Equally, when we help another person grow, we grow too.

In love relationships, this Uranian tendency toward ego transcendence can create real breakthroughs. Love relationships are the perfect vehicle for personal spiritual growth. All learning is accelerated when we have to harmonise our energy closely with our beloved. When this process truly takes place from the heart (and especially if we practice heart coherence), we can take quantum leaps.

The Unity Tarot Spread

The love Tarot spread I have created for this New Moon is called ‘The Unity Tarot Spread.’ The aim is to enhance spiritual growth within the relationship. All spiritual growth creates greater unity. Spiritual growth makes more room for love, beauty and harmony. When we grow harmoniously together as couples, we can have an enormous impact for the Highest Good in the world. I can’t think of a better time to plant these seeds…

  • U–Unique opportunity for growth provided by this relationship
  • N–New energy needed as fertiliser or catalyst for further growth
  • I–My contribution to growth in the relationship
  • T–Together we currently have this dynamic/growth trajectory
  • Y–Their contribution to growth in the relationship

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