the universal lunar eclipse tarot spread

The Universal Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread

the universal lunar eclipse tarot spread

While I already published a Tarot spread specific to today’s Libra Lunar Eclipse, I wanted to share another useful spread today. I created the Universal Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread many years ago but decided to update it and give it a new graphic. This time, I have also included a sample reading with the Quantum Tarot v. 2.0. It deserves it because this spread is so good at showing us exactly what is transpiring in our internal and external landscapes! Make sure to bookmark this page since you can use this Tarot spread for any lunar eclipse!

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What is an Eclipse?

From an astrological perspective, a lunar eclipse is a celestial event that heralds a time of inner change and emotional revelations. The Moon governs our emotions, instincts and the unconscious/subconscious mind. An eclipse of the Moon can therefore signify a profound release of hidden feelings and a turning point in personal growth. It is a moment to let go of past patterns, offering an opportunity to clear away emotional baggage and to understand oneself more deeply. Lunar eclipses bring about an accelerated push towards aligning with one’s true path, catalysing events that may reshape one’s emotional landscape and spiritual understanding.

During a lunar eclipse, the phenomenon where the Earth casts its shadow over the Moon can serve as a compelling metaphor for the shadow cast over our own internal landscapes. From an astrological perspective, the Moon connects with our deepest feelings and subconscious thoughts. These are the hidden parts of ourselves that we often keep out of the light of conscious awareness.

It’s common for us to be confronted with our inner darkness during these times. Fear is one of the most potent emotions that can arise from such a confrontation. Rooted in our instincts, fear can be a protective response, but it can also keep us from embracing change or acknowledging truths about ourselves.

Lunar are full moon on steroids and fear may intensify as what was concealed comes to light. The high emotional tides can make it seem as though one’s usual sense of security is being eclipsed as well. We may fear the feeling of instability that such change entails, leading to emotional resistance.

Focus on Transformation

Astrologically, this is a moment not just of confrontation with fear, but of potential transformation. As the eclipse shakes the foundations of emotional comfort zones, it calls for a release of old fears that we may be clinging to. It pushes for personal growth by challenging one to face what’s hidden and to move beyond past emotional conditioning.

Lunar eclipses can reveal the path to inner freedom and authenticity by forcing these shadows into the open. They encourage us to realign with our true paths, embarking on a more sincere and emotionally rich journey through life.

The Universal Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread

the 9-card universal lunar eclipse tarot spread

Shuffle and cut the deck as you normally would but instead of dealing cards from the top or fanning the cards out, you turn the deck over and fan it with the images up so that you can locate XVIII The Moon, XXI The World and XIX The Sun, as well as the cards on either side of each of the three chosen Tarot Majors.

If one of these cards is the first or last card in the deck, you simply wrap around and reach for the next available card. If two or more of the three Majors are next to each other, now is a time for prayer rather than a reading.

Positional Meanings

  1. The Moon – Fear/worry rising to the surface
  2. Your fear
  3. How to transmute it
  4. The World – Your circumstances
  5. This circumstance is coming to an end
  6. This circumstance replaces it
  7. The Sun – Your self-expression
  8. This blocks your self-expression
  9. This beneficial influence replaces it

The Moon

Begin by laying out The Moon and its two attendant cards at the bottom of the spread. This trio of cards will highlight the fear now rising to the surface, as well as how to cope with the fear

The World

Place The World and the two cards on either side above the first three cards. XXI represents your circumstances in the world and what is ending/beginning with the current eclipse.

The Sun

Place The Sun with its two flanking cards in the top row. The card to the left of the Sun is a foe/negative influence and something or someone who is blocking your self-expression. The card on the right represents a friend or a friendly/positive influence.

This layout provides a visual representation of the energy of Earth’s shadow eclipsing the Moon. This can help you attune to the planetary energies at play for the eclipse in a more tangible way. 

Sample Universal Eclipse Tarot Reading

universal lunar eclipse tarot reading quantum tarot v. 2.0

The Moon

Your fear – Death

Arcanum XIII here indicates that fear is rooted in the concept of significant change or transformation. This usually relates to the end of a cycle or a major shift in your life, which can be intimidating because it requires you to let go of what is familiar.

How to transmute it – Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles advises a practical and methodical approach to overcome your fear. This card suggests that you should focus on routine, discipline, and a step-by-step process to deal with the changes. It represents a call to be steadfast and reliable. Do not shun the slow yet steady progress needed to transmute fear into something productive.

The World

This circumstance is coming to an end – King of Swords

The King of Swords signifies that you are likely concluding a phase where clear thinking, authority, and intellectual power have been predominant. These traits have served their purpose, and it’s time to move on from the strict, analytical view of your circumstances.

This circumstance replaces it – 10 of Pentacles

The 10 of Pentacles heralds a new chapter characterised by abundance, family, and long-term success. The shift seems to be moving you from a mind-centric worldview to a more holistic sense of security, including financial stability, home, and community.

The Sun

This blocks your self-expression – The Emperor

The card blocking your self-expression is The Emperor. This suggests that a structured, possibly authoritarian element in your life is hindering your creativity and freedom of expression. It could point toward self-imposed limits, or someone in your life whose need for control is stifling your ability to shine.

An ally or beneficial influence in terms of self-expression – The Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles is a potent ally for your self-expression. It offers a new opportunity for growth, bringing a promise of prosperity and tangible results. Embrace the new ventures this card indicates – they will support your true talents and allow you to manifest your abilities fully.

This sample reading illustrates a shift from mental structures and authority to a more abundance-oriented life, where practical steps and new beginnings promise a more fulfilling expression of your true self. Feel free to share your reading in the comments!

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