gab vs parler tarot reading

Gab vs Parler Tarot Reading

Free Speech is Under Threat

As someone who took a keen interest in taking in views that are alternative to that of the mainstream media in 2020, I couldn’t help but notice ever tightening censorship. Voices of scientist were silenced and many were deplatformed. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the main social media platforms started going after the little people too. Gradually, we have seen a anyone supporting alternative scientific and political views get shadow-banned and de-platformed.

I myself, had account warnings on both Facebook and Twitter. The first one came when I wished my fellow ‘freedom-fighters’ a Happy Christmas. Apparently Facebook doesn’t like the word freedom. I fact-checked that and it turns out to be true.

People who are cheering the de-platforming of prominent people who don’t follow along with cult narrative need to ask themselves is, ‘If this is all about keeping us safe, how come the tech giants aren’t stopping child porn on their platforms.’ I have reported accounts on both FB and Twitter and nothing was done about it. Yet they tried to silence me for wishing ‘freedom-fighters’ a happy Christmas?!

Alternative Platforms

When you start analysing what is going on, it becomes evident. Anyone who cares about free speech and who chooses to navigate social media in an ethically sound way, simply cannot support the big tech giants with their presence any longer. So what are the alternatives? There are quite a few out there now and I’ve been on some of them but up until Twitter dumped Trump, most of them were fairly quiet.

People have, understandably, been unwilling to move away from where all the action is. I tried MeWe (FB alternative) for a while and have had a profile on there since 2018 but you can usually hear crickets chirp and tumbleweeds blow past.

WimKin is supposed to be another FB alternative but it’s not one I have checked out yet, so I can’t really comment. I will say this though, any platform whose apps ARE allowed in the app stores will have to abide by the same rules as Twitter and Facebook or they too will become de-platformed.

Trump got Twattered

When Trump’s account got shut down, word on Twitter was that everyone was moving to Parler. Then Parler got shut down (temporarily according to the owner) and word was that Gab was the place to be.

Luckily, I was already on both platforms before the Parler app was withdrawn from the Apple and Google Play stores. I also had my profile up and running on Gab before the servers started crashing due to the influx of new members. New servers have since been installed but things can still be a bit slow, though this is supposedly being remedied.

Unlike Gab, Parler didn’t have their own servers, so when Amazon announced they were shutting Parler’s servers down, there wasn’t a thing they could do about it. However, they have promised to come back bigger and better, so fingers crossed for them.

Please allow me to be very clear: I have no political affiliation with the GOP or any other party. I am politically homeless after waking up to the fact that it is all staged to create maximum division. The aim of politics is to divide and conquer and the ones pulling the strings are hidden in the wings.

A Tarot Reading About Gab vs Parler

As someone who has a new homesteads on in both the Gabosphere and Parlerland, I thought it would be interesting to see how each of them might develop. In the picture at the top of the post, you can see two rows of cards.

The top three cards represent Gab: King of Pentacles, Ace of Pentacles and The Devil. The King of Pentacles shows the wisdom of investing in your own servers – it grants you sovereignty. The Ace of Pentacles is further proof that sound investments are being made into this company.

However, The Devil shows fierce animosity from Big Tech and they will literally throw everything they can at Gab to try to prevent them from growing. This could include malicious hack attacks. Out of the two, I think it is clear that though Parler was bigger before it got shut down, Gab is now seen as the bigger threat by those who oppose free speech.

The bottom three cards represent Parler: 8 of Pentacles, 3 of Wands and 7 of Swords. We see the people behind Parler hard at work (8 of Pentacles) now to try to get the platform back up and running. They are also seeking new sponsorship (3 of Wands). But are they likely to get stiffed once again. The 7 of Swords is not a good sign here.

Will Parler Be Back?

Someone could be working for the enemy inside Parler or there could be some espionage going on that will throw spanners in the work and delay a relaunch. Then there is the fact that the quint adds up to 18 The Moon and a relaunch is starting to look very iffy. Parler may have to compromise its ethos to be able to get back online.

We Have a Winner

So who is the winner in the Gab vs Parler Tarot reading? Well, the quint for Gab is 30/3 The Empress, which promises future growth, creative expansion and prosperity. Interestingly, the Gab platform colour is a light green – a colour that corresponds with The Empress. Personally, I just happen to enjoy the Gab interface a lot more than that of Parler as well.

However, neither of these two platforms will have a smooth operation in the future. They will continue to be under attack – that much is clear. I wish them both well, and I hope that Parler takes its time to get their own servers up and running or they will most likely become compromised.

I hope you join me on Gab if you’re on there already and if you aren’t, why not give it a go? It’s free to use! There wasn’t much of a metaphysical community when I first joined but I started a Tarot group a few days ago and it’s growing rapidly.

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Deck used: Golden Tarot of the Tsar