gemini new moon tarot spread & spell

Gemini New Moon Tarot Spread and Spell

gemini new moon tarot spread & spell

The Gemini New Moon gives us a chance to reboot our communication and self-talk. The Gemini New Moon Tarot Spread below can assist with the process. However, you also need to monitor your mind mindfully daily and use some kind of pattern interrupt every time you catch yourself out.

The Gemini New Moon Tarot Spread is inspired by The Magician (Mercury, ruler of Gemini). Allow him to help you moderate and manage your communication/self-talk. Let him teach you to become the Observer and bring in new, more helpful thoughts and communication into your life.

Since we are allowing The Magician to take the lead for this lunation, I have also included a Tarot Spell below for you to try. Have fun!

The Magician’s New Moon in Gemini Tarot Spread

magician-inspired gemini new moon tarot spread
  1. Area of your life most in need of a communication makeover
  2. Negative pattern to release
  3. New thought pattern or habit to replace it with
  4. Action advice relating to the card in position 1
  5. Transform this in your current self-talk

Gemini New Moon Tarot Spell (feel free to modify)


  • Your Tarot deck
  • A white spirit/altar candle
  • A manifestation candle in the colour corresponding to what you wish to manifest. Gemini manifestation goals to do with communication and clarity of thought require a yellow candle.  (I tend to use tea lights as spell candles so they can burn out safely)
  • Notebook + pen
  • Essential oil for dressing the candle and strengthening the intent (optional – for instance, Bergamot, Geranium, Lemon, Basil or Sandalwood)
  • Cleansed crystal to charge and carry with you (optional – choose one that resonates with your goal, feel free to ask in the comments if you are not sure which one to use)

Circle-casting Optional

Cast a circle if you feel inclined to do so. You don’t need any tools to do this and can simply visualise a dome of light all around you, setting the intent for any energies that might wish to interfere to be kept outside this dome. Choose the colour light you feel is most protective. If it helps with the visualisation process to draw the circle with your pointer finger, you can do so. Start in the North or East, depending on which direction your altar is facing and draw the circle clockwise. You can go around the perimeter a couple of times until you can see the dome of light vividly in your mind’s eye.

Those of you who love to work with angels may wish to try Archangelic Circle Casting.

Altar Optional

And don’t worry if you don’t have an altar. You can easily make one out of a shoebox or tray!

Light the spirit/altar candle. Anoint your spell candle with the oil if you are using essential oil to dress the candle.

Take the card from position number three and add one or two more cards that will help birth more of this energy into your life. If it is an energy you would rather ban, cross the card with Death and choose a replacement card for manifesting exactly what you desire.

Create Your Spell, Cast Your Spell

Make your own spell/affirmation. Short, sweet and rhyming work best, I find. Chant your spell three times or three times three while looking at the manifestation card (and holding the crystal in your hands if you are charging it). Leave the card on the altar by the spell candle until the candle has burned all the way down. If you need your deck, take a picture of your spell to keep as your screensaver. If you don’t need the full deck, you can leave the card on your altar until the next Full Moon.

Blow out the spirit/altar candle. Give thanks to any powers you invoked to assist and close the circle by raising your receptive hand and pulling the light back into your being (again, you can do this while walking the perimeter, counter-clockwise this time, if you feel it helps).

Write everything down in your notebook, including the spell colours, other correspondences etc

Major Arcana Tarot Correspondences for the Gemini New Moon

The Magician and The Lovers Gemini New Moon Tarot Cards

Mercury (ruler of Gemini) – The Magician
Gemini The Lovers


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