Strength Jolanda Swedish Witch TarotStrength

It is Wednesday , the moon stands in the zodiac sign Aquarius , waxing (2nd Quater)
Here are some influencing powers of the day: element is air, apparatus adenoids, quality of the day light day, part of plant blossom, body zone: ankle, veins, lower leg, color: yellow, complementary color: red/blue


STRENGTH (Styrkan) from the Swedish Witch Tarot

When the goddess Kundalini awakens where she lies coiled at the secret place beneath the sacrum, she rises through the seven chakras, up through the crown, where she activates the spiritual part of the human. When the heart chakra is opened, the fire radiates throughout the world, like the fire radiating from the torch held by the woman.

Keywords: Lust, passion, honesty, joy, sensuality and sexuality
Astrological sign: Leo
Planet: The sun
Colour: Orange, gold, red

Personal notes

Well, I’ll need all my strength today. My first driving lesson is approaching like a freight train… with me tied to the tracks. Booking this lesson was the first step in conquering some of my personal demons…

Thank Godess for the homeopathic remedy Argent Nit – It seems to have got rid of the worst of the butterflies in my stomach.

I don’t have many Leos among family and friends, but the ones I know are a source of constant inspiration to me. Today I will abandon my old self and become the Princess of Wands. I will transform old fears and gain self-confidence in the process. Wahey!