The Spiritual Origins of the Tarot, Thoth and the Anunnaki

The spiritual origins of the Tarot

The other day, I was listening to Akura talk in this video. The video is mainly about the false ascension matrix and how the Anunnaki are now in control of it. The days of the greys and the Draco reptilians are over, apparently. I don’t know for sure since I’m not in touch with any of them. What I do know something about is the spiritual origins of the Tarot. And, unlike what Akura claims, it is NOT Thoth.

The Egyptian connection with the Tarot was fabricated by the French occultist in the 1700s. Some of these occultists were Masons and had a strong working knowledge of the ‘god’ Thoth. While I tend to agree with Akura that many ancient powerful beings that were worshipped as gods were probably ETs, I don’t necessarily agree that they were in control of creating the Tarot and Astrology. Humans have always had access to higher spiritual wisdom by going within. No ET interference needed!

However, while I don’t agree with Akura, I respect her and her work. It’s okay to agree to disagree. No one person holds the entire truth. And Akura is humble enough to admit that she is still learning and could be wrong about some things. That’s certainly a position I share with her. I too am still learning and there is a lot I don’t know about the Tarot but I do know more about the Tarot than most people. Not only have I been working with the Tarot since I was 15 but I have quested spiritually for the truth about the origins and optimal use of the Tarot for many years.

An Intuitive Take on the Spiritual Origins of the Tarot

The truth is, we simply don’t know the full story about the history of the Tarot, but what I can tell you now is that it is not black or white. A divinatory tool like the Tarot is neither good nor evil. It’s simply a neutral tool. Whether it is put to good use or not depends on the intentions of the person handling it. And, just like us humans, the Tarot has been through an evolutionary process with many layers of meaning being added gradually–Some by people with pure intentions and some by people with not-so-pure intentions.

There are many theories concerning the history of the Tarot but what we can deduce based on historical records is that the original usage was most likely exclusively as a game of cards. How disappointing, right!?

However, it only takes a marginally intuitive mind of someone with a smattering of knowledge of the Gnostic Mystery schools to see that there is more to the imagery of the Major Arcana. Here we have images that educate. Here are rich symbols that mirror and speak to the soul. Only an AI would deny this obvious fact that any intuitive being can pick up on.

The type of spiritual origins the images themselves point to

So what conclusions can you draw from observing the images of the early Tarot decks? If you are a Christian, you will no doubt recognise some Christian symbolism. Likewise, as a Pagan, much of the symbology would seem familiar to you. However, if you are a Gnostic, you will smile wryly as soon as you take a look at The World card and recognise the naked woman inside of the victory wreath as Lady Wisdom, aka Sophia.

The World - Sophia, Spiritual Origins of the Tarot

The symbolism of the two wands in her hands points to the axiom ‘As above, so below.’ Sophia is surrounded by the four Evangelists: Mark as the Lion (Leo), Matthew as the winged Man (Aquarius), Luke as the Bull (Taurus) and John as the Eagle (higher octave of Scorpio). The four creatures around the Lady also symbolise the four seasons and the Wheel of the Year.

The Wheel of Fortune, Tarot de Marseille, Spiritual Origins of the Tarot

Speaking of Wheels, taking a look at the Wheel of Fortune in the Marseille Tarot, we get the Christos symbol, Chi Ro, in the middle of the wheel. The Gnostic initiates who follow Yeshua’s teachings would read that as, ‘Following Christ’s example, we can free ourselves from the wheel of karma and escape reincarnation.’ Or at least, by following his example, we can escape incarnations as lower life forms (the animals on the wheel).

Further Reading About the Spiritual Origins of the Tarot

There is a lot to unpack simply based on the symbols in the cards but to me, it is clear that the images were, at the very least, inspired by ChristoSophianic Gnostic Mystery teachings. You can read more in ‘The Secret of the Tarot‘ by Robert Swiryn and ‘The Spiritual Roots of the Tarot‘ by Russell A. Sturgess. Discern for yourself what resonates. To me, some of what these authors put forward rang true and some didn’t. That said, I think they are on the right trail when it comes to linking the original Tarot imagery of the Marseille Tarot to Christian or ChristoSophianic groups like the Cathars.

Thoth Is An Occultist Overlay

18th century France was enamoured by all things exotic and in particular anything Egyptian. This rubbed off on the occultists of the day as well. Some of these occultists, such as Etteilla and Eliphas Levi, were keen on linking the origins of the Tarot to Egypt for this very reason. It made for a great selling point in terms of elevating the common card game to a loftier status.

Later, when the British Freemasons and occultists got hold of the Tarot, they were equally keen to take the symbolism further down the line of the Egyptian connection. One notable exception was the Catholic member of the Golden Dawn, A.E. Waite. His collaboration with Pamela Colman Smith rendered the now iconic Rider Waite Tarot (aka Waite Smith Tarot), first published in December 1909. The Rider Waite Tarot is dripping with Christian/Catholic symbolism.

The enfant terrible of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, broke off, became the head of the O.T.O in the UK and later created the Thoth Tarot. He also wrote the Book of Thoth, which I have yet to read (though I may give it a miss).

The Anunnaki Agenda

The Anunnaki may have had a hand in a whole slew of things. However, nothing that belongs to us humans is solely their creation. In the case of the Tarot, has the Tarot been tainted by their agenda? Is Thoth an Anunnaki overlord? Was Hermes Trismegistus Thoth? And are the Emerald Tablets here to lead humanity down a false ascension Matrix? I’m asking these questions so that you can discern for yourself.

I think these questions matter more to people who believe that the Anunnaki are now in charge of Earth in the 4th dimension. I actually don’t. I believe Source/God and Gaia-Sophia are in charge. I don’t say that because I underestimate the power of the Anunnaki. I say that because that resonates more with my alignment and experience.

Light and Dark

The darkness on Earth right now is real. There has always been darkness in this realm and there always will be. We are on the verge of entering a lighter era, The Age of the Holy Spirit, so the darkness is rising to fight back. Earth is like the heart chakra, the point in our cosmos where light and dark come to find harmony. I don’t feel I have to worry about the Anunnaki.

What I do have to worry about is seeking balance and harmony within. Only then can I express my divinely human power and agency in the world. If I make sure to daily have a clear line to Source (Father Sky) and Gaia-Sophia (Mother Earth) through the heart, I’m protected. This includes protection against any Anunnaki (or other) agenda to invert the Tarot.

In a follow-up to this post, I talk about using the Tarot for the Highest Good. You may also wish to check out my post about 5D Tarot.


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  1. I too, don’t believe the Anunnaki are in charge.
    I do believe we are in very dark times but light will prevail.

    I don’t have the time to do all the research I’d like to but when I started on my spiritual journey, Eliphas Levi was one of my favorite authors.

    The History of Magic was one of my favorite books. I was taught by my ex-husband who could be quite dark .

    I’ve sold a lot of my occult books as they just don’t resonate anymore. I still have quite a few though.

    I was reluctant to sell them because my ex scared the crap out of me .

    I wonder if they’d be better off in someone else’s hands though.

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