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5D Tarot – Is It Possible?

5D Tarot - Tarot for Unity Consciousness and Consciousness Expansion

Let’s take a look at 5D Tarot in today’s post. Yesterday, I was listening to Magenta Pixie do an Angel Oracle reading. In her introductory talk about divination, she makes a comparison between Tarot and Oracle cards. In her comparison, she claims that the Tarot is a 4D divinatory tool. She says it can be read with precision by people who are proficient in the occult arts. She goes on to say that oracle cards are a 5D tool. This is because they are connected with the artistic imagination of the deck creator, rather than with an occult system.

I have no beef with what she says in this video. The Tarot can certainly be used as a 4D tool in the occultist tradition. When used this way, it can make predictions that benefit the person asking the question and not necessarily the Highest Good. This is no different to asking a question of a clever friend whom you know will look out for your best interests. I myself have often used it that way, both for myself and for clients. But as I progress on my spiritual journey, I’m becoming more and more interested in using the Tarot for consciousness expansion, and for the Highest Good alone.

Tarot for Unity Consciousness

According to my own experiences in the past, the Tarot can work exceptionally well in a unity consciousness paradigm. But I am eager to learn more and dive deeper. How can we elevate the Tarot to be a perfect fit with New Earth Unity Consciousness? One step I’ve taken on this journey toward greater awareness is to study 5th Dimensional Tarot. I’m currently taking Use Tarot to Explore 5D Ascension Consciousness on Udemy.

Ultimately, it is down to our question if we read the cards on a 4th or 5th-dimensional level. Many of my readings have ‘accidentally’ fallen into the latter category because I’m quite often more interested in divining for the Highest Good than for my ego. The trick is to be intentionally consistent and only ask questions that deliver a Summum Bonom outcome. Any ego-based question will deliver a 4D reading and drag us back into separation consciousness. It’s as simple as that. This is why the question we ask of the cards is… well, everything.

The Occult System

It can be argued that the Tarot, like any other set of oracle cards, was first created based on visual imagination. Certainly, the occultist overlay of correspondences happened at least 200 years after the first known Tarot decks were created. And, to be fair, the Tarot was first created as a game of cards. Nothing more, nothing less.

The initial readings were done with the picture cards of the Major Arcana only because it was they that spoke to the imagination of people of visionary and psychic ability.

However, when the European occultists first started tinkering with the Tarot in the 1700s, they did so by adding overlays such as astrological, numerological and kabbalistic correspondences. All of these correspondences are systems in their own right. And all of these systems can be used on either a 4th or 5th-dimensional level.

So for instance can the number correspondences for the pips be seen with the eyes of unity consciousness, just as well as separation consciousness. I will let you guess which category the meanings below belong to!

Numerical Pip Card Correspondences 4D vs 5D

  1. Ego/Oneness
  2. Duality and Competition/Partnership
  3. Chaos/Creativity and Co-operation
  4. Rigidity and limitations/Stability and solid foundations
  5. Strife/Learning and lessons
  6. Conformity/Harmonious Co-existence
  7. Scheming and deception/Organisational ability and planning
  8. Power over and forcing change/Power of compassion and organic transformation
  9. Moral dissolution/Spiritual wisdom and completion or accomplishment
  10. Negative repetitive cycle/Upward spiral of learning

Angelic Tarot

One of the reasons I was first drawn to study and teach Angelic Tarot was for the very reason that involving the Angels automatically elevates our consciousness. The Angelic Realm is simply not concerned with fulfilling the wishes of the ego. Our Angels only wish for us to grow and mature spiritually.

Asking the angels this morning if the Tarot is a truly excellent tool for 5D readings, they responded:

Any divinatory tool that connects you with the deepest truth of your heart belongs in 5D. This is because your deepest truth is that you are love. Therefore there is no fear or no sense of being separate at that level.

Asking them about which type of Tarot deck is best to use for 5D readings, they simply say:

Use a deck that makes your heart smile!

The Fool’s Journey

The Fool’s Journey is changing and evolving. And as this happens, the focus becomes less and less on our separate journeys as individuals, and more and more on how we can learn to work together with all of creation for the Highest Good. Some Tarot decks out there already reflect this sentiment. Many modern Tarot decks also reflect the support we have in Spirit on this journey we are on. But that support has been ever-present in Arcanum XVII, The Star.

Ultimately, I believe the goal of the Fool’s journey was always integration, wholeness and oneness consciousness. I say this purely based on the imagery of the Major Arcana and especially The World card. However, in the Age of Aquarius, this journey will hopefully seem a little less lonely. More importantly, it will be a journey apart from the old victim-perpetrator paradigm of separation consciousness.

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