aquarius deceber tarotscope

Aquarius December Tarotscope 2021

aquarius december tarotscope

Aquarius December Tarotscope 2021

This is the December Tarotscope for Aquarius Sun and Rising. The deck used is the Original Rider Waite Tarot.

aquarius december tarotscope

Dear Aquarius, you may be feeling a bit deflated off and on in December. There is an internal disconnect that you need to acknowledge. The reason for the disconnect has to do with your life purpose and feeling as if you have to choose between what you really desire deep down and actually earning a living to support yourself and/or your family. Money is a poor motivator for you but you’re not stupid; You know you need the stuff to get by.

Once you begin to be honest with yourself about how you truly feel, you will be able to shift this sense of apathy and hopelessness. Please understand that your desire for doing something more meaningful is Divine in nature. You’re not meant to go through life feeling unfulfilled, disconnected, and misaligned just to fit in and pay your bills. What you have to offer the world is much needed and once you get going doing it, you will be supported on that path. Trust your inner guidance.

Sure, not everyone reading this will be able to take a leap and leave their job now but you can start a side hustle and that is the thing that will turn into your legacy eventually. As soon as you start believing in yourself, you’ll start noticing the opportunities all around you… The time to get moving is now!

Cards: 4 of Cups, Judgement, 10 of Pentacles


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