July 2022 Tarotscopes

For the July 2022 Tarotscopes, we are working with the Original Rider Waite Tarot. Make sure to check your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs below for a more complete forecast. As always, take only what resonates!

Oh, and a heads up! Rather than doing a month ahead collective forecast for July, I will focus on the Zodiacal Season we are in. Tomorrow, on the Summer Solstice, we are entering Cancer Season. I feel an energetic shift coming up for the collective at this gateway. This will be reflected in the Spirit Warrior Collective month ahead guidance that will be published in my Substack Newsletter later today (20 June), so subscribe to not miss out!

Aries July 2022 Tarotscope

aries july tarotscopes

You may find yourself facing some tough lessons in July. These potentially involve money, work and/or your physical health. However, you are strong and ready to face any challenges and lessons the universe is throwing at you right now.

July has a flavour of shadow work and integration but your mind is extremely focussed. The lessons you learn will be swiftly integrated. You are super quick to detect and free yourself from any limiting thoughts. Then it’s onward and upward again!

Just a heads up to not sign any contracts without reading them over carefully first. The devil really is in the detail…

Taurus July 2022 Tarotscope

taurus july tarotscopes

After the upset of June, it looks like things are beginning to calm down for you, dear Taurus. A new job offer could come your way in July. However, it may mean relocating.

Focus only on the positives and new beginnings. All will be well. It’s safe to let go of the old. Make, ‘I let go and move on’ your mantra this month.

A family celebration or work do that requires travel could also be on the cards for some of you. Enjoy any gatherings you are invited to this month. You will find the right people to connect with at these events so make sure to not miss any such opportunities.

Gemini July 2022 Tarotscope

Gemini July Tarotscopes

Some emotional upset or disappointment is coming up for clearing this month. It could relate to your inner child. Look at any area where you are stuck creatively for clues. Do more of what you used to love doing as a child to bring feelings of joy and optimism back into your life.

However, don’t fall for the temptation to go into emotional or spiritual bypass over this issue. It’s really important that you own it, heal it and clear it properly. Because when you do, things will begin opening up for you in a big way.

Cancer July 2022 Tarotscope

Cancer July Tarotscopes

It looks like some of you may have gone a bit overboard with the celebrations mentioned in last month’s Tarotscopes. Not to worry! If you did anything you regret, grab the bull by the horns. You don’t want to let this fester!

The issue to heal centres around trust. It’s really quite simple: once you trust your own heart, you know the difference between paranoia and that gut instinct that tells you someone doesn’t belong in your inner circle.

Don’t hold yourself back or allow yourself to feel intimated by others. You have important work to do. But first, you have to realise that you are mostly doing this to yourself through your own suspicion and paranoia. Clear this so that you don’t end up isolating yourself from the world due to a lack of trust.

Leo July 2022 Tarotscope

Leo July Tarotscopes

It’s possible that last month’s achievement is leaving you with an empty feeling. You’re not sure about what to focus on next just yet. The answer (surprisingly) lies in the past this time. There is something begging to be completed that you started a while back but abandoned for whatever reason.

Once you get over the initial resistance and gain some momentum, you’ll be glad that you decided to revisit this project.

To some of you, July could bring back someone from your past. Please understand that revisiting this space is good for closure only. Nothing good will come from flogging this dead horse. Ultimately, closure is something we give to ourselves.

Virgo July 2022 Tarotscope

Virgo July Tarotscopes

July is a great month for both networking for work and dating. Get yourself out there and start mingling. Look out for a water sign (or lots of Piscean energy in their chart) if you are single and looking. Hold out for someone mature and emotionally available.

The key to aligning more fully with your purpose/mission blueprint this month is definitely the people you meet. They each bring a unique piece of the jigsaw so pay attention to signs and synchronicities around new meetings.

Your true wealth is your acquaintances, friends and loved ones and you will experience this in new and wonderful ways this month.

Libra July 2022 Tarotscope

Libra July Tarotscopes

You are under the illusion that you are stuck for options and can’t move forward. This is exactly where ‘the devil’ (ego) wants you. To move forward, you need to think outside the box and stop limiting yourself. Perhaps you have been blaming your lack of options on someone else. It’s time to take your power back!

How do you know what the right option is? First, you have to know yourself, your emotions and your energy. What does it feel like when you are about something that honours your heart/higher self? It’s a pretty expansive feeling, yeah? So how are you feeling right now and what can you do to move forward that would give you that expansive feeling?

Scorpio July 2022 Tarotscope

Scorpio July Tarotscopes

Stop! Love is not the total war zone you imagine it to be! But your projections keep putting scary scenarios on repeat… and not just in your mind. It’s time to let go of this pattern and learn how to trust again. Even when things do not go how we imagined they would, it doesn’t mean that someone has to be apportioned blame every single time.

Take what you learned from it and move on. And yes, I do realise that I’m speaking to, ‘Vengeance is mine, sayeth Scorpio.’ But does this pattern really serve you anymore or are you maybe done with these types of lessons?

Learn to trust life. When things end, it’s for a reason. A good reason. It’s to make room for something better.

Sagittarius July 2022 Tarotscope

Sagittarius July Tarotscopes

The theme of love and relationships carries over from last month’s Tarotcopes. It looks like this is the kind of love that has made you iron your pinnie and start baking cookies. Anything to please your new love interest, right? But are you being true to yourself? Or are you trying to conform to what you imagine would be their ideal partner, i.e. someone who is more domestic and less freedom-loving than you are?

Think carefully about these things before you find yourself trapped in a less than ideal scenario. Again (reiterating last month’s message) there is plenty of fish in the sea and no need to settle for anything less than your perfect match! Every new situationship is a great opportunity to get to know yourself a bit better. So you see, there is all to be gained as long as you make sure you don’t get stuck.

Capricorn July 2022 Tarotscope

Capricorn July Tarotscopes

As much as you are searching and wanting to find your soul tribe, now is not the month for it. Everybody is busy with their own sh*t and the ones you do attract are likely to compare themselves with you and/or judge you by all the wrong standards. You can safely rise above all of that right now and focus on your own heart healing instead.

Your number one priority should be to create peace and harmony in your own heart. That way, when the time is right to connect with your soul tribe, you will be in a better place.

It could be a busy month work-wise so focus on getting the job done as well and don’t allow yourself to get pulled into any office drama–It’s literally the last thing you need right now!

Aquarius July 2022 Tarotscope

Aquarius July Tarotscopes

There is a juxtaposition between masculine and feminine energy that demands you to gain a new perspective on how you navigate certain issues. The suggestion seems to be that right now you are being a bit too passive in some respect.

Marry your inner Divine Feminine to your Divine Masculine and take charge of this situation. Things have been in limbo for long enough. Nobody else is coming along to rescue you.

Pisces July 2022 Tarotscope

Pisces July Tarotscopes

Does fear have you clinging to something that feels safe, solid, tried and tested? It’s time to clear any stuck energy and make a choice that can help you move forward. You must feel the fear and do it anyway. And yes, even if it does cause disruption to the routine you love to stick to,

To some of you, this is about doing dream work. Please understand that if you strive for lucidity in the dreamtime, the only way to stabilise your lucid dream state is through balancing your mind and heart. That way, you will be able to remain calm no matter what your dreaming mind throws at you. Actually, the same could be said for handling things better when you are awake.

Get meditating!

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