virgo december tarotscope

Virgo December Tarotscope 2021

virgo december tarotscope

Virgo December Tarotscope

This is the December Tarotscope for Virgo Sun and Rising. The deck used is the Original Rider Waite Tarot.

Dear Virgo, expect some fated events around money this month. This could involve an inheritance or the family legacy in some other way. Someone in your family may be trying to keep what is happening under wraps. They may not want you to have access to important documentation.

More than one event will be tricky to navigate in the month ahead due to secrecy and even outright deception. You can trust your gut if you feel something is not right. However, you may need more than a gut feeling to sort things out. Most likely the main family event will be on your mother’s side or relate to female relatives not being frank with you.

You could find that you are given an opportunity to release some karma around your family legacy this month. The guidance from the Tarot here is to be like water. Try to flow with events without judging what is going on. The only thing that matters is that you do what is right. But if others are withholding the truth from you, your safest bet may be to keep your cards close to your chest too.

Cards: 10 of Pentacles, The High Priestess, The Moon


Lisa Frideborg

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