7 Reasons to Learn Angelic Tarot

Angelic Tarot

So you think you know the Tarot? Okay, perhaps you know all the basic card meanings and can string them together into meaningful messages when doing a reading… Great! But what about using the cards for divine service, magick and healing? And what about truly understanding how the Tarot is linked with other occult topics? For that, we need to call in the help of the angels and learn Angelic Tarot!

Because, what IF the Tarot was the only tool you needed to do magick, serve, connect with the angelic realm and provide guidance and healing for yourself and those who come to you for help? And wouldn’t it be great to be able to do all this with the confidence that you are standing on the shoulders of a long line of occult giants, rather than use any number of the (often confusing and contradictory) New Age systems of angelic correspondences?

The Only Tool You Need

You have all your Angel Magick tools in one handy pack of cards. With a pack of cards, you will be able to cast the circle and create spells and essences. The four suits not only replace the Pentagram, Dagger, Cup and Wand, but they also serve to connect you deeply with the angelic realm in all your workings, helping you invoke divine grace and power.

You don’t need a special ‘Angel Tarot’ deck – any deck will do. This obviously means some memory work. But ask yourself this: If the occult masters of the past thought it was worth devoting time to memorising correspondences, perhaps I too could benefit? Personally, I find the traditional Waite-Smith imagery helpful for memory work because it reflects the original symbolism of the system I work with. It also doesn’t try to mask the shadow aspects or less savoury aspects of life. There is tremendous power in being able to work with the traditional, occult symbology in a truly divine way, guided by the Angels. That said, I love Angel Tarot cards too… To all things, there is a season.

Ready to Level Up?

You level up as a Tarot reader. Working with the planetary angels and your own Guardian Angel will gradually enhance your psychic ability and overall sensitivity. ‘Does this have any side effects,?’ I hear you asking. Yes, you may well find that some of the things you used to do or ingest feel too harsh. There will be a process of adaptation to working with divination on a higher vibration and it will keep you humble – which is a good thing if your main motivation is to serve.

You are able to provide more helpful guidance. This means that in addition to invoking divine grace for all your readings, you will be able to truly help your Seekers align with Higher Will. But there is nothing ‘woo’ about angelic Tarot. Learning to use the full spectrum of angelic energy available and knowing the correspondences for these energies, you will be able to give practical, hands-on advice. This is especially true of the ‘difficult’ cards such as The Devil, The Tower, many of the Swords cards, the 5 of Cups and the 5 of Pentacles, the 10 of Wands and the dreaded Death card.

Holistic Tarot

You are better equipped to use the Tarot for holistic healing. Armed with an understanding of planetary/angelic correspondences, you can begin finding your own preferred healing tools. Do you wish to work with crystals? Not a problem! There is a plethora of information out there about which crystals correspond with which planets, and you can always ask the angels directly for help with finding the right ones. The same goes for herbs and essential oils. Not only will you be able to pinpoint the correct remedy for each of the 78 cards – but you can have it blessed by the corresponding angel too! This is true Mind-Body-Spirit work, minus the pink New Age fluff.

You gain a deeper understanding of adjacent metaphysical fields. Because the planets which correspond with the main archangels you work with in Angelic Tarot form the basis of almost all metaphysical studies, you will have the jump in any new field of study you choose to enter into after learning Angelic Tarot.

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      Stacey, the course IS the reference guide. And if you are only reading for yourself, then there is no need to memorise anything. I do recommend giving it a go though – it comes in hand for so many things!

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