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5 Powerful Ways to Heal with The Tarot

ways to heal with the tarot

As a healer, my main aim when I started serious Tarot studies in my early 30s, was to learn how to use the cards for healing. Having studied Psychology and many aspects of vibrational medicine, I sensed that there was unlocked healing potential in these 78 Keys to the Self. So I started digging and I found some powerful ways to heal with the Tarot.

I was amazed at what had already been uncovered. I’m far from the first person to think along these lines. But I’m also amazed at how much untapped potential there still is. After decades of self-study, I know I still have more to learn. But that is no excuse for not sharing what I have learned so far. Here are some of my favourite ways of using the Tarot to heal.

1. Meditate and journey with the card image

The Tarot is a visual medium that opens a gate to our subconscious mind because of its use of archetypes and symbols. Whether you have studied the Tarot or not, the image itself will tell you what you need to know right here and now.

Go somewhere quiet, where you can have at least 20-30 minutes undisturbed. Light a candle and maybe some incense to let your subconscious mind and Higher Self know that you are ready to receive their messages.

Next, simply spend a minute looking at your chosen card and try to relax while doing so. If there is any tension left, take three deep breaths and close your eyes… Step into the card… visualise the surroundings depicted in the card and enter into dialogue with the main character in the card. Ask what message they have for you. When you are ready, come back to your body by taking another couple of deep breaths. Open your eyes

There are two methods for choosing a card to meditate with…

First method: spread the cards out face up and choose the card that speaks to you most strongly.

Second method: shuffle the cards and fan them out face down. Allow your intuition to guide you and pick one card to turn over.

For both methods, it is good to make a note in your Tarot journal about your initial reaction or why you felt drawn to that particular card before you begin your meditation.

Complete the meditation session by making another note about what transpired during your meditation and what insights you gained.

2. Make a Tarot Essence

Just like you can make vibrational remedies with flowers and crystals (or even just a word taped onto a water jug according to Dr Emoto), you can create remedies and essences with Tarot cards.

Method 1

The first method is to fill a glass with pure spring water (or filtered tap water or spring water) and place it directly over the card for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Just 15 minutes is enough if the essence is also charged by direct sunlight. Other conditions usually require a longer period of time – allow your intuition to guide you. Feel free to put a clear quartz crystal (or a crystal corresponding to the card energy) in the glass for programming at the same time.

You can also charge the essence under a Full Moon to absorb the lunar energies. If you really want to capitalise on the power of Luna, I suggest making an essence with the corresponding Tarot card. Let’s say, for instance, that you are planning on making an essence on the Full Moon in Scorpio. For this lunation, you would then choose Arcanum XIII which corresponds with Scorpio.

Method 2

The second method is to place the tarot card in a smaller glass container inside a larger container filled with spring water (or filtered tap water). Again, you need to let the water absorb the card energy for at least 15 minutes before drinking it. This method is ideal if you are creating an essence for more than one person.

3. Place the card directly on your body/chakras

This method combines the meditation method with an element of vibrational medicine. Depending on which part of the body you are working with, you can either sit or lie down. If you prefer to sit (due to falling asleep too easily when lying down) you can tie the card in place with a scarf.

Please note that this will not work everywhere on the body for obvious reasons and depending on the size of the cards you are using. You may want to choose a small-ish card for placing over the throat chakra for instance.

You do not have to work with the chakra system to use this method. It’s okay to simply feel into your body to discover any area of discomfort or tension. Then choose the card you intuit to be the remedy and place it over the area of tension. Relax. Trust. Breathe.

Allow time to really listen to how your body and your subconscious mind receive the energy from the card.

Don’t forget to make a journal entry after!

To learn anatomical and physiological Tarot and Astrology correspondences, check out THIS POST.

4. Divine with the Tarot cards to heal your chakras

This is advanced Tarot Healing/shadow work. It demands a willingness to face your subconscious issues in awareness. While this is one of the more demanding ways of doing Tarot Healing, it is also one of the most rewarding. It can achieve healing at all levels of your being since the chakras regulate our physiology as well as our psychology and spiritual development.

I have outlined a few different ways to work with the Tarot for chakra healing in THIS POST. (Includes two chakra Tarot spreads)

You can find the Tarot correspondences for each of the chakras HERE. These are useful to know because pulling one of the corresponding cards is one way to affirm that the chakra is functioning in a balanced way.

5. Use Tarot-related yoga poses

Each of the Major Arcana cards has a stance associated with them that unlocks the energy of that card and helps you absorb it and charge up really quickly.

The Fool – Arms upstretched, joyfully gazing up at the heavens
The Magician – The “As above, so below” stance of the Magician in the traditional Rider Waite rendition of the card
The High Priestess – Savasana, aka ‘corpse pose’
The Empress – Holding one arm as if cradling a baby and the other as if holding up a mirror
The Emperor – Eagle pose (Garudasana)
The Hierophant – The benediction hand sign (see RW Hierophant card)
The Lovers – Hands crossed over heart
The Chariot – Yoga Warrior II pose
Strength – Yoga Fish pose
The Hermit – Shoulder stand (Sarvangasana)
The Wheel of Fortune – Yoga Wheel pose
Justice – Cobra pose
The Hanged Man – Headstand or resting with legs up against the wall
Death – Hero’s pose or Camel pose
Temperance – Low lunge (Anjaneyasana)
The Devil – Yoga Chair pose (Utkatasana)
The Tower – Spear Pose (Kuntasana)
The Star – Bridge pose
The Moon – Moon salutations
The Sun – Sun salutations
Judgement – Lying prostrate
The World – Tree Pose

Bonus Tip

The Fool and The World meet in an improvised dance movement… So can you dance the Tarot? Yes, of course, you can! Feel free to experiment with the music you feel fits and just allow your body to guide you… oh, and have FUN! The Fool’s Journey is your Journey and it is meant to be fun!

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