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Angelic Tarot Affirmations for the Number Cards

Angelic Tarot Affirmations for Aces-Tens

In today’s post, we are looking at Angelic Tarot Affirmations for the Minor Arcana number cards, i.e. Aces through 10s, in all four suits. These affirmations are based on the number card correspondences with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Each of the ten number cards corresponds with one of the spheres (Sephiroth) of the Tree of Life. In turn, these spheres each have a ruling Archangel. And it is the Archangelic influence of each sphere that has inspired these affirmations.

The Purpose of Using Angelic Tarot Affirmations

The purpose of using these Angelic Tarot Affirmations is to embody the Angelic energy/essence connected with each Minor Arcana number card, as well as to clear any blockages relating to this energy.

The philosophy underlying working with the embodiment of the Angelic Essence of each card is that the Tarot is a system for embodying our Higher/Angelic Self.

How to Use the Angelic Tarot Affirmations

You can use these Angelic Tarot affirmations together with your daily draw. Or you can use them when you do readings, especially for the card in the ‘Challenge’ or ‘Outcome’ positions. Any time you work with a card that feels challenging in any way, you can call in angelic assistance to prevent energy blockages from arising. You can also use these affirmations to release old energy blockages that you are already aware of.

If you do use these affirmations, I recommend writing down the one you are currently using/working with in your Tarot/Angel journal. You can also sit in meditation to connect with the energy of the Archangel whose energy you seek to embody.

You can also use the information here as a jumping-off point for creating your own Angelic Tarot Affirmations. Sometimes affirmations work best when we use our own wording.

Affirmations for the Aces – Archangel Metatron (Ain Soph Aur)

Aces are about pure potential and can be viewed as seeds. The angelic quality associated with the Aces is finalising a major task, i.e. nurturing the seed until it yields a harvest. The colour associated with the Ain Soph Aur is pure brilliance.

  • Ace of Wands: I AM passion
  • Ace of Cups: I AM love
  • Ace of Swords: I AM innovation
  • Ace of Pentacles: I AM a gift to the world

Affirmations for the Twos – Archangel Raziel (Chokmah)

Twos are about change and duality. The angelic quality expressed through the twos is devotion. The colour associated with Chokmah is pearlescent grey.

  • Two of Wands: My will adapts perfectly to align with the Highest Good
  • Two of Cups: Making loving choices comes naturally to me
  • Two of Swords: I discern the most harmonious choice in every situation
  • Two of Pentacles: I manage my time and resources in a way that brings about a benevolent outcome

Affirmations for the Threes – Archangel Zaphkiel (Binah)

Threes are about growth, synthesis and giving birth to something new. The angelic expression of the threes is the silence of the void/cosmic womb. Only through silence can we create a clear connection with the Divine. The colour correspondence for the Sephira Binah is black for the womb of creation.

  • Three of Wands: I attract all the right people and circumstances into my life
  • Three of Cups: I AM a great friend
  • Three of Swords: I allow myself to feel deeply
  • Three of Pentacles: I perform all my work to the best of my ability for the Highest Good

Affirmations for the Fours – Archangel Zadkiel (Chesed)

Fours are about stability. They are self-made and form the foundation of future experiences. The angelic quality expressed through the fours is obedience. The colour correspondence for Chesed is royal blue.

  • Four of Wands: I honour and cement my achievements by celebrating them
  • Four of Cups: I reconnect with that which ignites me from within
  • Four of Swords: I nourish my soul daily with prayer and meditation
  • Four of Pentacles: I know what truly matters in life and hold even that lightly

Affirmations for the Fives – Archangel Camael (Geburah)

The Archangelic ruler over the Sephira Geburah is also known as Chamuel. Fives are about power and the (sometimes difficult) lessons we have to learn in life. The angelic expression of the fives is courage. The colour associated with Geburah is crimson red.

  • Five of Wands: I use all my experiences as lighter fluid and then I focus 100% on my own mission
  • Five of Cups: Keeping the lessons, I focus on the opportunities
  • Five of Swords: I simply walk away
  • Five of Pentacles: Abundance and wellbeing are my birthrights

Affirmations for the Sixes – Archangel Raphael (Tiphereth)

The sixes are versatile and strive for harmony, both on a personal level and in society. The angelic qualities that are expressed through the sixes on Earth are service, devotion and healing. The colour associated with Tiphereth is sunshine yellow.

  • Six of Wands: My stories about overcoming inspire others
  • Six of Cups: I allow past memories to bring me a sense of security and connection to all of life
  • Six of Swords: I recover and move forward to a brighter tomorrow
  • Six of Pentacles: I AM in a harmonious flow of giving and receiving

Affirmations for the Sevens – Archangel Anael (Netzach)

The angelic quality associated with the sevens is selflessness (everything defers to Mother Nature). Sevens can have a secretive streak but they aim to gain wisdom and understanding of the natural world. They can have a fae quality about them. The colour correspondence is emerald green.

  • Seven of Wands: I stand my ground for the Highest Good, supported by the Angels
  • Seven of Cups: I receive clarity from the Angelic Realm whenever I ask
  • Seven of Swords: I AM transparent and act with integrity
  • Seven of Pentacles: I wait patiently for the harvest

Affirmations for the Eights – Archangel Michael (Hod)

The eights are about integration, organisation and (like the fours) stability. There is a greater sense of responsibility here than there is in the fours, a sort of ‘manning up’ for the final push. Truthfulness is the angelic expression associated with the eights. The colour correspondence is orange.

  • Eight of Wands: I focus on my goals and adjust my speed accordingly
  • Eight of Cups: I move to higher ground
  • Eight of Swords: My mind is adaptable and all my thoughts help me move forward
  • Eight of Pentacles: My diligent work ensures fair dividends

Affirmations for the Nines – Archangel Gabriel (Yesod)

The nines signify the completion of a cycle. The angelic quality associated with the nines is independence. It takes nine months for a pregnancy to go full-term. Once we complete these cycles, we are called to step up and lead by example. The corresponding colour is violet.

  • Nine of Wands: My boundaries are as firm as they are healthy
  • Nine of Cups: My dreams and wishes always come true OR something even better shows up
  • Nine of Swords: Right now, I choose to breathe deeply and remain calm
  • Nine of Pentacles: I make my surroundings peaceful so that I can give my best in Divine Service

Affirmations for the Tens – Archangel Sandalphon (Malkuth)

The tens are about endings and new beginnings. How do we set the course for the next phase? The angelic quality expressed through the tens is discrimination. Corresponding colours are olive, citrine, russet and black.

  • Ten of Wands: I ask for help and trust it is given when I need it
  • Ten of Cups: My family life is a great source of joy and support
  • Ten of Swords: I let go of the past and embrace a new beginning with an improved mindset
  • Ten of Pentacles: Every day, in every way, I improve the legacy I will one day leave behind
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  1. What a fantastic and resourceful list. As I pulled the Fool and 10 of swords today , I’ll be calling up Sandalphon during my lunchtime nature walk.
    It’s been a rough couple of days with some tech issues at work.
    But today, they seem to have resolved themselves.

    1. Post

      Thanks, Tara! I’m glad you find the list helpful and great to hear your tech issues are being resolved. This Mercury Rx has been pretty tough so far and I don’t normally feel it.

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