Tarot and Lunar Magick

moon phases


Friedborg Tarot3In Angelic Tarot, Luna corresponds with The High Priestess and Archangel Gabriel, ruler of Magick and the Moon. This may seem odd at a glance since we have a Moon card in the Tarot Major Arcana, but once you get your head around correspondences it soon makes perfect sense.

The High Priestess is the still small voice within and requires a state of receptivity in order for us to connect and reflect the wisdom that then becomes available to us. In Yoga, she is shavasana, the ‘corpse pose,’ the most receptive (and magickal) of all poses.

To engage in lunar magick means to become very receptive, to observe and tune in. Each phase transmits a different energy and this energy is modified depending on which astrological sign the Moon is in at the time.

If we look at the energy of the different phases of the Moon, we can soon find correspondences for each of them in the Tarot. Finding the right card that helps us tune in further is especially helpful if we wish to use the lunar phases for transformation and manifestation.

Hence the New Moon corresponds with the Magician, the virgin High Priestess and the Minor Arcana 1’s and 2’s. This energy is all about new beginnings and making the right choices in order to get started on a new path of growth and transformation.

The Waxing Moon corresponds with the Empress and the Emperor, the 3’s and the 4’s. During this phase a structure is born out of creative chaos.

The Full Moon corresponds with the Hierophant and the Lovers, the 5’s and 6’s. There has been sufficient growth to share the first fruits of this cycle of manifestation with the world. Choices need to be made now about what to keep and what to discard.

The Waning Moon corresponds with the Chariot and Strength, the 7’s and the 8’s. We need to make sure our heart is still in what we are wishing to manifest. If not, lower desires will soon take over and the energy will dissipate. Strategy and attention to detail are required.

The Dark Moon corresponds with the Hermit and the Wheel of Fortune, the 9’s and the 10’s. Here we contemplate the journey and tie up any loose ends. It is time to think of sowing the seeds of change for the next cycle.

We can also look at the second half of the Major Arcana and find more subtle correspondences there. Justice and The Sun correspond with the New Moon energies. For the Waxing Moon, we have the Hanged Man and Death. For the Full Moon we have Temperance and The Devil. For the waning Moon, we have The Tower and The Star and for the Dark Moon, we have The Moon.

As an example of how to use this information, we could look at the next Full Moon, which is in Cancer and will take place at 1.45 AM UTC, Sunday 24th of January. The Moon is Full, so you could spend some time in meditation with The Hierophant The Lovers, Temperance and/or the Devil to reflect on what is now beginning to manifest in the world and what of it you wish to keep around, what is truly useful.

As a next step you could look at the Cancer energy cards, The High Priestess (Moon, ruler of Cancer), The Chariot (Cancer) and the 2-4 of Cups. Which of these have a strong resonance with your Path right now? Create a spell based on this card and use any of the corresponding crystals (selenite, mother of pearl, moonstone or carnelian). Jasmine is the best scent to work with on a Cancer Full Moon.

For the actual spell, use your own words of power and don’t be afraid to walk the path less taken. The more uniquely yours, the more powerful the spell. Repeat the spell three times (or three times three) and charge your chosen card with it. Place the card on your altar until the Dark Moon.

You can further strengthen the intent by using a candle in the corresponding colour – in this instance a white or orange candle. Let the candle burn all the way down (in a safe place/container).

Blessed Be!