week ahead angelic tarot message

Week Ahead Angelic Tarot Message 14-20 August

week ahead angel tarot guidance 14-20 august 2022

Happy Friday, friends, and many Angel Blessings! For today’s Week Ahead Angelic Tarot Message (14-20 Aug), we are working with the Angel Tarot Cards and the Soul & Spirit Flower Tarot Oracle, a free 78-card deck that is included with the September issue of Soul & Spirit Magazine.

Week Ahead Angelic Tarot Guidance

The theme of this week’s reading is trauma clearing. We must do all we can to protect our energy now. Collectively, what we experience is that 3D media are doing all they can to raise fear levels. This relates in particular to the cost of living crisis–a manufactured crisis very few of us can escape on a practical level. During the preceding crisis, though it seemed we were limited by mandates, we still had a choice about whether or not to drink the koolaid. The impending financial crisis is going to hit all of us and is the next step for those who seek to control the world. For they divide us and rule by creating as much chaos and trauma as possible. However, we do not have to live in the state of fear they create. We still have choice…

Choose Love

It may not seem like we have much choice in the months to come/over the winter. Most of us will have to tighten our belts. But we actually have an opportunity this week. The angels are showing me that every time we choose love, in spite of raised fear levels, we get a chance to increase the light in the world and embody a bit more of our own souls. This is how the human collective ascends. Yes, we can still learn and ascend through joy on a personal leve. However, collectively (no sticking our heads in the sand!) times are tough. So we learn by having our mettle tested.

Poverty itself is no reason to love less. In fact, it’s a reason to love more and to extend compassion and generosity to everyone around us. When they seek to divide us by deprivation, let’s unite more than ever before!

Also, though the dying powers do not have our best interests of heart, the Divine can still use the havoc they wreak to build something new and better. Remember, the frequency war has already been won–There is no force stronger than LOVE!

 “If one has faith, one has everything.”
~ Ramakrishna

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