Weekly Angelic Tarot Message 21-27 August

weekly angelic tarot message 21-17 august

Happy Friday, friends! The individual/pick-a-pile week ahead Tarot readings are now exclusive to paid Substack subscribers (SUBSCRIBE NOW for only £4/month). The offering on the blog today is the new weekly Angelic Tarot message for the Lightworker and Spirit Warrior collective. For this week’s message, we are working with the Guardian Angel Messages Tarot.

Weekly Angelic Tarot Guidance – 21-27 August

I don’t know who needs to hear this for the week ahead (but the angels do!):

You have permission to release your attachment to past mistakes on every level of your being. You are free to start viewing them as learning opportunities instead of character judgments.

The reason you are clinging to these ‘mistakes’ is that you have made them part of your personality. Every time your monkey mind brings one of them up, ask the angels, ‘Is this really the truth about who I AM?’ Really allow yourself to tune into the answer because it’s time to move on now!

Moving On

The only thing keeping you from moving on with your life right now is… you. The signs and synchronicities for you to move on and level up are all around you but you can’t see them because of your attachment to past experiences. Therefore, the main task for you in the week ahead is to keep releasing the lies you have been telling yourself about yourself. And don’t be afraid to label them lies either!

If you think, ‘Nobody wants to hear what I have to say,’ for instance, counter it with ‘Lies!’ and then use an affirmation that firmly states the truth. Rinse and repeat until the truth sticks. And yes, this will take some work and effort on your behalf but if you choose to neglect this work, you’ll continue on with the monkey mind still firmly in the driver’s seat. And you don’t want that, do you?

Creative Potential

The other task we have been given by the angels this week is to start nurturing the creative potential within your soul. Something new is waiting to be born, just as soon as you have released the blocks that are holding you back. So what is this new thing for you? What spark is setting your soul on fire? What are you genuinely passionate about? That thing that is making your heart sing… What is it? This is something with roots deep in your past, going all the way back to some childhood dream.

So what did you do as a child that made you lose track of time? Whatever it is that puts you back in that flow state, do more of it this week and don’t worry about where it will take you. The destination is safely contained within the mission blueprint for your soul in this incarnation.

This creative potential is the ‘luck’ that will bring you all the success you could ever dream of if you stay focused and are willing to do the work!

“If one does not know to which port is sailing, no wind is favourable.“
– Seneca

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