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Archangel Haniel – Angelic Tarot Activation Code 3

Archangel Haniel Tarot Activation Code

A Channelled Message from Archangel Haniel

Beloved children, I am Archangel Haniel. All of life is a gift of love. When you see this, you are channelling my vibration. This gratitude for life and the inherent abundance that surrounds you at all times unlocks your creativity, and your own ability to give birth to new worlds.

Abundance is your birthright and is directly linked to your ability to express gratitude. Gratitude is a fresh spring that springs forth from the heart spontaneously. You can’t force gratitude, so forget all about ‘gratitude lists’ and ‘gratitude journals.’ Instead, develop eyes of love and beauty.

Archangel Haniel Tarot Activation Code

Ask me to see things as they truly are and I will open your eyes. You will see your own beauty too – perhaps for the firs time! And you ARE beautiful. You are so very precious to me. As a soul light overseer of Earth, all incoming souls pass through my gestational chambers and nurseries. I love each and every one of you – not for your potential but for who you are. Your beauty has been fully revealed to me and I can reflect it back to you if you are willing to acknowledge your psychic reality.

When your eyes are opened to your true abundance and natural soul beauty, giving, smiling and radiating becomes easy. In fact, it becomes as natural to you as breathing. I will leave you to experience the myriad of positive ways your life will begin changing once this becomes part of your day-to-day existence.

Haniel Angelic Activation of The Empress Tarot Card

Archangel Haniel Tarot Activation Code

Place one hand on your heart and the other on your womb. Say out loud three times:

Heaven above, open my eyes so that I can see life as a gift of love. Fill my heart with gratitude for the simplest things and fill my belly with laughter. Help me nurture my creations so that they in turn provide nurturing and inspiration for others. And when I draw my final breath, may I return to the womb of creation as light as a feather, having spent myself as Nature spends herself.

So it is!

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Angel Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg

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