May 2016 Full Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius Full Moon Fractal Vortex

Saturday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius (22:14 BST) is only part one in a rare two-part Saggie Full Moon drama which culminates with the June Full Moon in Sagittarius. For part one, we have more of an internal focus. This lunation will illuminate your retrograde journey, especially since Luna will be conjunct Mars, still retrograde in Sagittarius.

Expect some relationship drama and confusion too this Full Moon, as Mars conjunct Luna will be in opposition to Venus conjunct Sol. Irritability levels may be high. Focus on creating clarity of vision and be patient as you may have to wait until the next Full Moon to come up with a precise action plan, although it may start dawning gradually over the next few days as Mercury goes direct the day after the May Full Moon.

This is a highly auspicious time for occult workings and balancing the silver and golden threads of the life energy vortex – a time for Soul Alchemy of the highest order, especially for those who are willing to do the work and keep re-balancing the energy until the June Full Moon.

It is a time for stepping through the portal into Otherworlds, expecting to re-emerge through the next portal in June, wiser and better balanced than before. Beware of acting with haste – much is still hidden. Expect push-pull tests in relationship dynamics. Keep centering, keep going within. This is where Truth resides and this is where you can experience being in the centre of the vortex.

The ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, is in Virgo, which tells us to stay humble and pay attention to details as we refine our vision and allow things to unfold over the next four weeks. Health-wise, an obsession with purity and detoxification may pull some of us in. Others may find that they swing wildly between asceticism and overindulging. Make the word ‘balance’ your mantra.

This month between the two Saggie Full Moons is all aligning with your purpose and allowing the vision to unfold. At the next Full Moon you will be able to present it to the world and begin setting plans in motion. The time to launch any big projects or new business ventures will be after Mars goes direct on 29 June.

I have created two spells for this lunation. Feel free to use whichever spell calls out to you (or both!).

Clarity of Vision and Protection Spell

(no tools needed)

algiz runeThe intent of this spell is to keep you safe and allow for your vision to unfold in organic and divinely inspired manner over the next four weeks.

Go out under the light of the Full Moon and assume the form of the Algiz rune, extending your arms toward the moon, fingers splayed like the antlers of the elk. Stand with your spine straight and your feet hip width apart. Visualise a vortex, a double helix made from silver and gold light rising from the Earth, enveloping your spine and expanding out until you stand inside it. Look up and intone Algiz three times on the out-breath, while squeezing the perineum to create a lock for the energy.

Move your hands into prayer position and visualise the purple light of Archangel Sachiel, ruler of Sagittarius, forming a protective egg around you. Once you can see the colour of this energy with your inner vision (eyes closed), focus it on your third eye and ask for Archangel Sachiel to bless your vision. Breathe the colour purple through your third eye a few times (you will know when it has done the job of purifying your inner vision).

Give thanks and ground your energy.

And so it is.

Good Fortune Spell

(tools needed: a white candle, a tarot deck)

The intent of this spell is to use the mojo of the Full Moon in Sagittarius to bring in the kind of clarity of vision which helps you generate abundance for any new project you have in the pipeline. It will remind you to be patient between this Full Moon and the Next and to pay attention to detail so that you do not miss any important opportunities.

Pick out the Hermit, Wheel of Fortune and Temperance Tarot cards and lay them out on your altar. Light your candle, visualise what you wish to manifest as you look into the flame, hold your hands over the cards and chant the following spell three times:

Words of power flow from me
I call on the Angel of the Moon
to hear my earnest plea
and bless this wished for boon.
My clarity will grow
and I will know
just what to do to
for this to come true.

Take a picture of the altar or just the three cards that you charged with your spell and keep them as the background picture on your mobile/cell phone over the next month.


Angel Blessings