Ritual for Manifesting Your Soul Mate Lover

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Being single and looking can easily leave you feeling a bit lost. Online dating is a jungle and you quickly get fed up with Mr/Ms Wrong or Mr/Ms Right Now… when all you want is your Soul Mate lover… someone who will love you unconditionally, quirks and all, for who you are and that you will love the same way, with all your heart… forever. Here’s the good news: Your angels want exactly the same thing for you!

I have channelled this ritual just for you (I was literally told to sit down and type this ritual out… and it just poured out of me!), to help you invoke the power of the Seven Angels of the Week for manifesting soul mate love. This is an angel magick candle ritual that you do for seven consecutive days and can repeat as needed:

MondayArchangel Gabriel – Light a white candle and ask for all cynicism caused by past emotional hurt and betrayal to be washed away. Visualise your aura being cleansed by a brilliant white light… watch any barbs from ex’s being unhooked… any cords cut loose… Ask to hear your inner intuitive guidance more clearly and also to receive dream messages about your future soul mate lover.

Tuesday – Archangel Camael – Light a red candle and ask for a blessing of passion and sexual attraction with ONLY the right One. Ask for this to begin now so that you may be easily magnetised toward each other and have a sign of instant chemistry as well as emotional affinity when you first meet.

WednesdayArchangel Raphael – You will need two candles today. Light a yellow candle and ask for joyful/playful connection through the ether so that you may begin enjoying each other on a soul level already in dreamtime. Next, light a green candle for heart healing of any remaining scars caused by ex lovers. As you do this, visualise the surface of your heart being washed clean, becoming entirely smooth, soft and ready for new love. The wisdom of the lessons remain, none of the hurt does.

Thursday – Archangel Sachiel – Light a dark blue or purple candle. Invoke the wisdom and of Sachiel to recognise any opportunities that come your way that might lead you closer to your soul mate lover. Ask him to bless your joint life path and make it one that enables you to serve God as one. The sign he will give you for the right One is that you will feel ‘luckier’ together than on your own.

Friday – Archangel Anael – Light a pink candle and invite Anael to open your heart in meditation to create a strong connection between your heart chakra and the heart chakra of your future soul mate lover. Know that this bond is eternal. Bless a piece of rose quartz crystal as a reminder of this connection and carry it with you always.

Saturday – Archangel Cassiel – Light a black candle and ask that any remaining blocks to your paths crossing be removed now.

SundayArchangel Michael – Light a gold or sky blue candle and ask that you will be given grace to trust in God’s divine plan and timing for your life, as well as the courage to follow your own divine calling. Know that following this calling is the fastest way to be joined with a soul mate who also wishes to serve the Light in this lifetime. Ask Michael to help your light shine brightly in the world so that you become a homing beacon of love for your Beloved.

Once you have completed this whole week of prayers and invocations, you will no doubt begin to notice synchronicity speeding up. You have opened up to angelic guidance and assistance for your love life and you should expect miracles.

Brightest Angel Blessings,

~ Lisa Frideborg

PS. Try to stick to the same time every day when you have a moment to yourself and can focus your intent properly. Write down any thoughts + affirmations that pop into your head. Allow the candles to burn all the way down, safely. If I do this over night, I like to place the candle in the bath tub (away from the shower curtain, of course!).

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