123 How I Read the Tarot Cards Intuitively (with video tutorial)


How to Read Intuitively Using Tarot Cards

Many of the readings I do are based on a question rather than a set spread such as the Zodiac spread or the Celtic Cross. After many years of doing readings, I have reached a method for reading intuitively that is flexible, flows and allows me to connect with the question at hand on a deep energetic level.

The Intuitive Story Tarot Spread

I almost exclusively use the story (aka ‘bridge’) spread method for question-based readings. The story spread uses a group of three cards that tell a story. While you still rely on traditional card meanings to a certain extent, visual clues and how the cards ‘interact‘ becomes more important. For more complex questions you can use several groups of three. In the picture above you see how I usually lay the cards out in story spread format when I read on a relationship question.

The Seeker’s cards are to the left, the partner’s to the right, the relationship dynamic (as a separate entity) forms a ‘bridge’ between the two and just above the two groups representing the lovers. This bridge rough reads as past-present-future. Under the card for the ‘present’ is the card connecting the two lovers and shows what the binding force between them is. Below you find advice cards for the Seeker and the central card provides the current theme. This gives us a total of 13 cards – the number of Death/Transformation. A coincidence? Of course not.

This story spread works just as well for relationships with friends, colleagues and family members, by the way! You can find a video tutorial for this spread HERE.

9 Square Intuitive Tarot Readings

My other favourite is three rows of three (aka the 9 Square). This roughly renders the past at the top, the present as the middle row and the future at the bottom. The central card is the key to moving forward and the first card sets the tone. The final outcome can roughly be seen in the bottom right card. I say ‘roughly’ because the whole spread is like a psychic canvas and the cards start moving about, forming their own combinations and whispering their secrets to me.

Give it a go – don’t be afraid to rely on your intuition in your readings!

Video Tutorial