tarot journaling prompts for the major arcana

78 Tarot Journaling Prompts – Part 1

tarot journaling prompts for the major arcana

Are you keeping a journal? Here are some ideas for Tarot Journaling Prompts you will love if you enjoy both writing and the Tarot… or even if you are completely new to the Tarot but open to using an esoteric tool in a creative way for inspiring new thoughts and ideas.

Tarot and journaling are the two tools that can help you achieve self-awareness better than any other. Using the Tarot cards (or archetypal keys) as journaling prompts, combines these two tools in a powerful way and helps you access the realm of the subconscious.

Tarot Tip 1: These prompts can also be used together with your daily draw and will inspire a deeper connection with your card of the day, drawing on your own life experience.

Tarot Tip 2: After you have completed the entry, come up with a new prompt based on the same card… simply by looking at the image. Write it down for the next time you pull this card.

Choose your card randomly from a well-shuffled full pack of cards. You can use poetry or prose… Your journal won’t even object to the occasional haiku, hiccup or squiggle… Be free with yourself (like The Fool!) and enjoy!

Major Arcana Tarot Journaling Prompts

The Fool – Describe the last something you did something so spontaneous or ‘off the cuff’ that someone might label it erratic

The Magician – Which skill have you always been good at? Describe how you discovered your talent.

The High Priestess – Write about a vivid and meaningful dream you have had or would like to have.

The Empress – Write about the most positive traits you have after your mother.

The Emperor – Write about the most positive traits you have after your father.

The Hierophant – Write about the teacher you remember most vividly… what made him/her stand out?

The Lovers – Write about how you imagined married life to be when you were 16.

The Chariot – Write about your definition of success.

Strength – When was the last time you had your mettle tested? What did you learn about your strengths?

The Hermit – Contemplate what lessons the past 12 months have brought you. Try writing about the lessons in detail without judging your performance.

The Wheel of Fortune – Write about a time when you took a really big risk. What happened?

Justice – Have you ever had a run-in with the law? Talk about it (even if it was just a parking ticket).

The Hanged Man – Have you ever had an experience that radically changed how you perceived a person or situation? Write it down.

Death – How do you feel about death? Is there an afterlife? What will it be like?

Temperance – Talk about the portion of your healing journey that made the biggest difference in how you view your own health and well-being.

The Devil – Write about the last time you gave into temptation.

The Tower – Write about the most traumatic experience you had in the past five years.

The Star – What is your best, brightest vision of where you will be and what your life will be like five years from now?

The Moon – Write about what being anxious feels like in as much detail as possible.

The Sun – Write about your perfect day, when everything you do is done with the utmost ease, confidence and clarity of mind.

Judgment – What is your calling? Where are you on the path of your life’s purpose?

The World – Write about the last time you had a sense of achievement thanks to completing a complex and time-demanding task.

On to part two… The Minors!


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  8. I know this is sort of silly to point out, but not everyone has a mother and a father. Some people have two mothers. Some people have two fathers. Some people only had a mother and never knew their father or vice versa. Just my two cents!

  9. That's a wonderful idea. I hope it's okay I linked this up to an entry about journaling and daily draws on my blog.

  10. Ooh, great journalling prompts, Lisa! Will look forward to part two, as well, and in the meantime get journalling πŸ˜‰

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