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78 Tarot Journaling Prompts – Part 2

tarot journaling prompts part 2 minor arcana

Today we are looking at Tarot journaling prompts for the Minor Arcana. You can check the Tarot journaling prompts for the Major Arcana out HERE.

Wands – Creativity, sexuality, vitality levels and life purpose

Ace of Wands – When did you last feel totally inspired to begin a new creative project? How did you deal with it?

2 of Wands – What action do you need to take right now to feel more inspired on a daily basis?

3 of Wands – Write about the last time someone flirted shamelessly with you (or your ideal flirting scenario).

4 of Wands – What is a cause for celebration in your life right now?

5 of Wands – Talk about the last time you were forced to resist temptation due to outside influences or the environment.

6 of Wands – Describe a time when you got promoted or recognised for achievement at work/school.

7 of Wands – When was the last time you felt that you had to defend yourself?

8 of Wands – Write about a time when you felt so in flow and aligned that you lost all track of time.

9 of Wands – Write about how trust in others affects your vitality levels.

10 of Wands – Talk about a time in your life when exhaustion overtook you. What would you do differently if it happened again?

Page of Wands – When was the last time you did something really impulsive in terms of sex? What happened?

Knight of Wands – What’s your seduction style?

Queen of Wands – If you had your own business, what would you sell and who would you employ?

King of Wands – You are a visionary leader of your people – describe your throne room.

Cups – Relationships, emotions and psychic development

Ace of Cups – Describe your first kiss.

2 of Cups – Who was the first person to ask you out?

3 of Cups – Who was your first love rival?

4 of Cups – Write about the last time you cried.

5 of Cups – Describe the last time you experienced a deep sense of loss (does not have to be a person).

6 of Cups – What are your thoughts on soul mate love?

7 of Cups – When was the last time you were really confused?

8 of Cups – Talk about a time when you dumped someone or ended a friendship.

9 of Cups – The last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt. Who has this effect on you?

10 of Cups – How psychotic is your family?

Page of Cups – Describe your happiest dream – a dream that made you so happy that you tried to repeat it the following night.

Knight of Cups – How romantic are you? Talk about how you express romance in your life.

Queen of Cups – Are you psychic? Talk about how you discovered it and/or how you would like to develop psychically.

King of Cups – Who is the most caring person you know? Write about the connection you have.

Swords – Problem-solving, intellectual pursuits and communication

Ace of Swords – Describe your best and shiniest idea at the moment.

2 of Swords – Discuss your (in)ability to fence-sit and postpone important decisions as if you were defending your tactic.

3 of Swords – Write about a time when you tried to reach out and communicate and got totally stonewalled.

4 of Swords – Explore how meditation has helped/could help you gain greater mental clarity.

5 of Swords – Talk about a time when cutting your losses was the only way to resolve a dilemma.

6 of Swords – Have you ever gone away to distance yourself from a problem/situation? Where did you go? Where could you go to gain clarity?

7 of Swords – That time you got away with it.

8 of Swords – A problem you never managed to solve and still puzzle over from time to time.

9 of Swords – A problem that kept you up at night and/or gave you nightmares.

10 of Swords – Have you been stabbed in the back? How did you deal with this problem? What did you learn from it?

Page of Swords – When was the last time you felt like asking lots of questions about a topic that piqued your curiosity?

Knight of Swords – What truth are you willing to die for or at least fight for?

Queen of Swords – How do you use your communication to nurture those you love?

King of Swords – Describe your problem-solving strengths.

Pentacles – Body consciousness, work, money and wellbeing

Ace of Pentacles – What gift are you giving your body this year?

2 of Pentacles – If your feet could talk, what would they tell you?

3 of Pentacles – Your right knee has a message from your father and your left knee has a message from your mother… What are they saying?

4 of Pentacles – Describe what you do to make sure you have enough put aside for a rainy day.

5 of Pentacles – What does your body need right now?

6 of Pentacles – Talk about the last time you were generous and gave something to someone just because

7 of Pentacles – Write about a health habit that you implemented in the past and how that worked out for you. What did you learn from this experience?

8 of Pentacles – Talk about an area of your work-life where you truly excel.

9 of Pentacles – Describe your ideal body and how it would feel.

10 of Pentacles – In terms of work, what do you consider to be your legacy?

Page of Pentacles – What new aspect of wellbeing are you curious about exploring?

Knight of Pentacles – Write about the good stuff you already do on a daily basis and give yourself a pat on the back!

Queen of Pentacles – How do you nurture well-being in others?

King of Pentacles – In what area are you a well-being expert and how can you share more of your expertise?

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  1. 3 of Cups: write about the last time you had reason to celebrate.

    (I'm new to tarot and found your blog while looking for inspiration and have definitely found lots of it here, have subscribed & will be reading back over your old posts!)

  2. Competition Entry

    9 of Wands

    When did you last feel battered and bruised when following your personal spiritual path? Did you give up, or resolve to carry on?

  3. Competition Entry

    5 of Wands

    Describe the last time you locked horns with someone at work. How did the situation get resolved? Compromise or conflict?

  4. Competition Entry

    4 of Wands

    Write about a joyful experience you've had at home. Was it for a specific occasion or spontaneous?

    Hopefully posted on the right entry this time!

  5. I love your journaling prompts. I've linked both parts up in a blog article about tarot journaling. I hope you don't mind.

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