beltane goddess mojo tarot spread

Beltane Goddess Mojo Tarot Spread

beltane goddess mojo tarot spread

Beltane Blessings! Beltane is possibly the most joyful celebration in the Wheel of the Year. And let’s face it, it’s hard to not be happy this time of year when all of nature is bursting with colour after the long winter and we get to wake up to birds singing. Let’s celebrate the return of the young King/God and Goddess of Spring with the Beltane Goddess Mojo Tarot spread!

The traditional pre-Christian celebrations were all about ensuring fertility for both people and cattle as well as an abundant harvest. This was done by lighting bale fires to burn away all the old, negative influences and create protection for everyone in the household. The word Beltane literally means fires of the God Bel/Belenos.

In the Wheel of the Year, we have reached the place where the young King/God replaces the old King/God and is finally ready to procreate with the Goddess/May queen. The enactment of their coming together in various more or less direct forms (yes, including actual copulating in the fields) is what was used to ensure fertility and abundance in the year ahead.

Manifest and/or Divine

The Beltane Goddess Mojo Tarot spread is one you can use for whatever you intend to call down the Beltane Fire from Heaven, be it for new love, fertility, creativity, creative projects, a new fitness regime etc… OR you can just leave it open for general guidance.

Either way, I recommend that you light a candle and sit for a while in meditation before you begin. Breathe slowly and become aware of your own life force energy. Are you ‘full of beans’ or are you nearly running on empty? Just accept what is and open up to receive the blessing…

1. Chi – Your Life Force

This card symbolises your Chi/Life force energy right now. This is what your energy is tied up in, how it is blocked, or how it currently flows and expresses itself.

2. Holy Fire

This card symbolises the blessing that is there for you to invoke on Beltane. This is Fire from Heaven but can sometimes come in a very different and non-fiery form. Either way, if it does look more like a challenge, it will be something that could unblock your Chi flow.

3. Fireproof Container

3. The ‘Fireproof container’ card symbolises an influence in your life that you can harness in order to avoid burnout. It’s protective energy. It could also symbolise a supportive person or an attitude you need to adopt if one of the court cards is found here.

4. Consumed by Fire

The Fire (if invoked) will burn away whatever is symbolised by this card, in order to free up more of your Life force energy.

5. Fed by Fire

The Fire (if invoked) will feed this element in your life. This is where you should focus more effort over the summer half of the year.

6. + 7. These two cards expand on card 5.

love raven liora

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  1. I just did this with the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan and it was spot on.
    1. King of Cups. I am a empath, I trust my intuition (when it is about me, could daubt when I read for other ), I’m a good friend and people trust me as a counsler.
    2. The page of pentacles. Love be in nature, I want to study (tarot, healing) Im kind and generos (having real problems to say no).
    3 Ace of Wands. -here I have a little trouble to understand what the protection is and would love to hear your thoughts. Is it transformation (the butterfly on the card) or the power and new beginnings or something else?
    4. Five of Sword- here I think it is the embarrassment of not beeing aible to do things I could before I get outburned and get my kidneydisease. It is everything from doing laundry, cleaning to be around people. And I see the dragonflies as fairies to ask for help.
    5. King of Sword.Turning knowledge to action, getting a harder skin (not beeing so worried and
    anxiety about things I can’t change.
    6. Six of pentacles. Get better to learn recive and not just give, it is now away more giving from my side. Learn to get paid for a reading for example.
    7. Knight of Sword – No fear, get out and live.

    Do you think I read it right? Always hard not to put in things you want the card to be cause you wish for it. I would be superhappy if you help me with card 3 and if I have sailed away in the dreams of what I want the card to stand for

    Blessed Be Jess

    1. Post

      Hi Jess, I see two positives for the Ace of Wands in this position: 1) a real desire for a new beginning and 2) acute sensitivity to your own energy levels, which once you pay attention can help you manage your energy better, especially with regards to giving/receiving, which the 6 of Pentacles is talking about. Love and Blessings, Lisa

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